How to Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website


How Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website?

Everybody has enabled blog subscription system.

But as per technology advancement, we find something new every day.

So with further updates, there are always new ways to notify your readers of the latest post or important updates from your blog.

Today I’ll be talking about push notification service for your WordPress i.e PushEngage.

Supports other platforms like e-commerce sites, BlogSpot and  much more.

Push notification service gives you another subscription option to your readers.

PushEngage is an awesome service that allows you to send push notifications.


Now Follow the tutorial below,


How to increase traffic through push notification

It supports chrome and safari on mobile or desktop.

First, create an account  PushEngage over here.

Free one allows you 120 push messages per month for 2500 subscribers.

Then after subscription add your blog logo and name.


Go to Plugins > Add New and search for PushEngage > Install >activate the plugin.

Click on PushEngage > Dashboard.

To activate you need the API Key from your account.


push engage


After activtion configure the subscription settings.

Go to Settings > Installation Settings & add your logo.

Adding logo is necessary for identification of your brand.


Dialogue box settings

Here you will configure what your readers or users will see.

Safari style box  or single step option is what i use.

Then click on the Send Notification to send a custom push message anytime.


GMC Settings 

It’s very important to create GMC account.

Click on the link because using this documentation it will make the process easier.

Here are some stats for push notification from shoutmeloud.




Don’t send too many notifications to your readers in one go or short period.

Register for PushEngage

So that’s it for today and thank you for following me till here.

Let me know how was your experience with it.

If you know any other tool (plugin) let me know.


How To Choose Themes For WordPress On Themeforest


Determining or choosing an appropriate theme is very important for a website on WordPress.

But on ThemeForest, there are tons of theme.

So now how to choose an appropriate one from all of them?

That’s the topic we are gonna talk about.



Finding relevant theme from search filters

There are over 11000 WordPress themes on themeforest to choose from which makes it difficult to determine.

How to do it:

At left filter your search with an particular criteria




After doing this you can use the search bar to find or search specifically.

Using this you can cut down or narrow down your results.

It does not end at just finding a theme with the design and purpose that you like.

You have to observe carefully that is it really the best option for your WordPress site.



 Theme Check will help to check your themes 

It is the part of

Here theme review team runs a check based on the theme.

You can upload a ZIP file to check


if someone has checked it its code is in the past

I’ll recommend you to check it before purchasing it


theme check

Pro tip: It’s always good for a theme to meet both WordPress and Envato’s standards.


Read comments and reviews before purchasing 


You can read comments from the people who have already purchased it.

For more authentic review read a response of a web developer, this will surely give you a good idea about the theme.

Every time you see a theme it has been rated from zero to five.

It’s not the main thing but a nice way to start.




And also pay attention to number of reviews

There are many themes that have five stars but only have two to three reviews.

You should consider at least ten plus review theme.

Theme with at least 4.5 rating.


For example:


Also, keep an eye on how may sales that particular theme has.

Demo of the theme is a nice way to look and it will give you an idea that how will it look.

Last date updated: WordPress is always changing if your theme doesn’t have regular update it might create a problem.

( it should be updated once in a six month )



These above tips will surely help you to buy theme more accurately.

And will surely give success to your website.

Find a theme which looks great and engages people well.

That’s it for now, thank you for following me till here.



Tools that Help You To Run More Profitable Ad Campaigns


So many of us spend a lot of money on ads each day.

Here are some of the tools that will help you in increasing your productivity.



If the design was your problem, here is the solution.

Yes, you can open photoshop and flow your creativity there but it’ll take time.

But an easier and simple solution is there.

Canva is the platform which helps you to do that in few minutes.

All types of templates, brochure, card are pre designed there just go change content and then post.

So no more hours wasted spent adjusting layers, filters, type. Point, click, and you are ready to go.




You cannot afford a stupid grammar mistake on your ad campaign.

And here Grammarly plays an important role, they have chrome extension too which help you all the time.

Or if you just wanna check mistakes on your article copy and paste into their tool and check.



Facebook Ads Gallery

You need to refine, test and do some other stuff based on previous results.


facebook ads gallery


Facebook ads gallery can help you shortcut the testing process by displaying different ad from big advertisers.




For example, you have twenty campaigns with twenty different keywords.

Means you need twenty landing pages, too!

Unbounce can help you to create custom landing pages.

Here is the shot

In this way, you can reduce your workload from 20 different pages to one template. Then you just customize the text on the single template.



So many of us spend tons of budget on advertising.

And it can be tricky because you don’t know what’s going to work or what not.

SEMrush can help you to prevent such mistakes and might help you to save a lot of budget.





You should go and check them.

SEMrush also provides you with competitive insight.



DigiHakk An Digital Marketing institute Now In Udaipur


With the development of internet users day by day all the business have started putting their money on digital marketing.

Thus results in increasing demand of digital marketers and social media experts.

Digital Marketing. What is it?

As per Wikipedia: Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable…


Digital marketing is a way of marketing services or products that include electronic gadgets or devices

On an average, we all use electronic devices for hours a day and that’s the reason an 25 year old making millions from his room.

By managing other people social media accounts and moreover digital marketing.

Offline marketing still has its place but moving to new trillion dollar trend is considered going smart

Before companies like Nike and Infosys put their all money on it and increase competition.


Let’s now move to overview


In 2020,

there will be as much money spent on mobile marketing as there is now spent on television marketing.



A company tries it and in over only ten days they connected four lakh customers

and generated over fifteen lakh text messages.


This reach and that fast is the reason why companies like Walmart are using text reminders.

So this was just an overview.

Of course, no one can afford  to miss this opportunity of internet or web, sooner or later every marketer have to master online marketing.

Digital Marketing is much much more than Facebook ads and retargeting.


Wondering from where to learn all this DigiHakk is here for you.

We teach you 20 modules in one with over 15 certifications from Hubspot, Facebook,

Google, Rankwatch, Digihakk.


What will you learn: In Digital Marketing by Digihakk

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Website Development
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing
  6. Advance Analytics
  7. PPC Advertisement
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Online Display Advertisement
  10. E-commerce Marketing
  11. Creating Internet Marketing Strategy
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Adsense & Blogging
  14. Online Reputation Management
  15. Lead Generation
  16. Facing DM interviews
  17. BlackHat Techniques
  18. Automation In Digital Marketing
  19. Lead Generation
  20. Content Marketing

Click Here for more detailed information.



Global reach – Internet allows you to find new markets and trade globally.


Trackable, measurable results –  Web analytics and other online metric tools make it easier to establish how effective your campaign has been.

You can obtain detailed information about how customers use your website or respond to your advertising.

Cost effective than traditional marketing – Traditional marketing can cost way too much than the digital one, by saving money in promotional activities gives you an additional advantage.

High ROI from your campaigns – It can help businesses to generate better cost per lead.

Get prepared for internet things – People are getting tech greeks now, so it’s better to connect with your customers irrespective of time and place.



Why join us?

  • Digital Marketing Toolkit worth 75000
  • Get Certified from Google and Facebook
  • Easily find a Job & Grab Freelance Projects
  • Increase your Profit & Salary
  • Backup Classes
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  • Lifetime Membership in Forum
  • Upgrade Class in every 6 Month


Get Tool’s & Softwares worth
Rs 75,200 absolutely free

It is time you started before it is too late

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Web browser notification tool

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Tools for Ecommerse website

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The all-in-one website conversion tool

(Lead capture lightbox, Page takeover lead capture, Squeeze page builder)
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Phone: 9414289839








Reviews from our ex-students

Priyanshu Bhatnagar


Ayan Shaikh


Social Media Hacks That Increase Your Traffic And Boost Your Business

social media

To compete in today’s world social media is necessary.

These modern platforms (social media) have been providing engagement, outreach and development.

There are millions of businesses have been benefited by it.


In twenty-first century your online presence is necessary.

Below is the stats of a study showing small business owner are sure, unsure or don’t know about the marketing strategies work.


pie chart



So its good for you to recognize the importance of getting the greatest return on investment on Social Media Marketing.


Let’s Start Now


Analyse and Measure your social media use


Almost seventy per cent plus business owners are planning for social media marketing in this year.




Your efforts may be worthless if the right data is not properly gauged.


establishing metrics and moreover relevant ones to your business, learn from the video below.



there are options available to track and analyse your social media marketing


Cyfe might help you to analyse premium subscription is for twenty dollars and has a free trial too.




Editorial calendar managing is very important


Staying committed to a solid approach will sharpen your skill and quality year by year.


The number of your potential customers using social media platforms is too high.

First, you need a calendar and set it up.

Google spreadsheet, trello, google calendar might be the best for you.


trello even has this social calendar template like thing.






Proper use and analyzing the power of these kinds of tools will surely make you an influencer.


A study shows when to post means what is the best time to post on different social media platforms.

 Facebook: 1-2 posts per day between 1 PM – 4 PM


Twitter: 1-50 tweets per day between 2 AM – 10 PM


Pinterest: 3-30 pins per day, with one pin every hour between 2 AM – 4 AM, 1 PM – 4 PM, and 8 PM to 11 PM


LinkedIn: 0-1 posts per day between 10 AM – 11 AM


Google+: 0-3 posts per day between 9 AM – 11 AM and 12 PM – 1 PM


Instagram: 1-3 posts per day between 8 AM – 9 AM and at 2 AM


But make sure you are posting relevant and engaging content.




Social media efforts will surely result in producing best ROI .


growth by 2021


Go step by step and do not try to jump big in start, this might result in lowering ROI rather than increasing it.


Optimization is very important and necessary for your business.


Manage an editorial calendar.


The happier your followers, customers are, the happier you’ll be.

This is a fundamental truth when it comes to business.



Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business And Reputation


Social Media Mistakes

To boost reach, leads, traffic, generate revenue social media is one of the best platforms. But if not used properly it can ruin your business.

It has so much potential and it’s very important to make most out of it.

So let’s start…


Not Giving Attention To Negative Feedback




Negative’s are common and they are very important and should be taken seriously.

Here it’s you’re chance to get better and make your customers happy by listening to your flaws and working on them.

Most of the brands delete their negative comment instead of avoiding you should use them as opportunities to shape your business.

And yes giving attention doesn’t mean working on stupid ideas you have to figure out on what you have to work to save time and money.



Posting Too Much On One Go

It can be irritating and very boring to see someone posting too much and all the posts you see on your timeline is of one single person or business.

You should be posting regularly but after a decided interval, if not you are likely to be unfollowed and that’s not good for your business and reputation.

Maintain a calendar and post 2-3 post on one platform a day.

Keep an eye on results and change plan according to it.


Using Irrelevant Hashtags




One of the most common mistake is using irrelevant hashtags. If there is no relation between content and hashtags you’ll gonna pay for it.

Using irrelevant ones will surely not get you desired results and revenue.

Hagtags are very very  effective in engaging people and creating brand awareness.

For help look up different other sites and try to use those hashtags if they are relevant to your content.


Working On Too Many Social Networks At Once





Use one or two platforms in one go. Instead of all of them try  to focus on few and analyse the result.

Change plans according to results and be updated.

Once you build yourself a brand it will be a lot easier.



Using the above tips will surely help out you’re business.

Do it in a wise manner and listen to your customer’s feedback.

Treat all the customers same and keep a good relation with them


So that’s it for now, good luck.