Digital Marketing Trends To Dominate Future


Digital marketing trends that will help you to dominate a few upcoming months and year.

Digital marketing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years mostly in 2017.

Some marketers believe the internet space is going to expand further

with more companies entering the digital world.

So to make things a bit easier here are the few trends that will take place in future.


Dominance by video ads

Video Ads

social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram will

change all the advertising pattern.

The increase in acceptance of video ads among users and,

as the trend continues we expect more video ads and moreover interesting ads.


Unique and high-quality content was and always be the key

The King always remains the King.

It will remain an essential part of your campaigns.


Online advertising will get expensive

As the digital world is growing rapidly day by day.

And more and more companies have started putting their money on social media

and other digital marketing stuff it is sure that prices gonna increase.


 Opportunities to improve conversion rates

Now companies will not be bounded in shackles of the company  &

consumer conversion and new prospects rather they will provide opportunities to improve conversion rates.

Social media will work as new conversion channels

offering tools to convert prospects directly into buyers.


Mobile applications will gain more importance

The mobile-optimized website, but in a more intuitive, convenient, and accessible way.

business owners are realizing the potential of the application.


Moblie users will dominate the desktop users

Everybody is optimizing their websites according to mobile phones.

Mobile users using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,

Youtube, and other platforms are increasing rapidly.



  • Year of wearable technology and smart devices.
  • Search algorithm will change.
  • high-quality content
  • video ads
  • advertising will get expensive

To learn more about ads click here.


What do you think about the next upcoming trend?

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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads Which One Is Better For E-commerce

Facebook vs Instagram which one?

Social Media Advertising or Marketing gives an extra option for detailed targetting.

According to a few sites, Facebook has 2.07 billion active users and Instagram has 800 million (Data according to sep. 2017).

And insta is in a heavy hype and gaining many new users every single day.


If your band is on both the social media platforms you should work on both the platforms.

The best way is to activate your campaign on both networks but on campaign by campaign basis.

It is said by the icon Garyvee that you should start social media campaigns before its too late and other mega companies start putting their money on that and increase prices.


But which is best FB or Insta, it totally depends on your product that which platform will generate more revenue to you.

Identify on the basis:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Demographics



Instagram: 70.7% of US businesses are using insta in 2017

80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram.

Over 100 million visits website, got directions and other stuff.


Facebook: Engagement from organic posts may be lowering but the audience network is huge.

You can get very specific about the kind of engagement you want.



Instagram: 800 million+ active users make a huge impact on the market.

Making it a good bet for business and brand promotion.

It has a strong organic reach and more quality or cream crowd than FB.

Instagram Marketing Tips That Are Really Powerful Really And Work


Facebook: 2.07 billion is a huge number, it is one of the oldest social media platforms.

Facebook has a ton of ad targeting options.





Detailed Targeting


Custom Audiences


After deciding which platform to use you should decide which type of ad is required for e-commerce.Photo Ads 

photo ads


Carousel Ads


Video Ads

Video Ads


Collection Ads

Collection Ads


Messenger Ads







Facebook has an average cost-per-click of $0.35

The Instagram ad is around $0.80.

These numbers will vary according to region and amount of audience.

Source: AdEspresso

The highest cost-per-click age group are18 to 24, 25 to 34, and 35 to 44.



Should you go with FB or Insta?

After detailed research, you may choose to run your ads on both platforms.

By running ads on both platforms this will show which platform is getting most of the attention.

Facebook allows you to manage both Facebook and Instagram ads, you just need to select an objective and go.

Another good reason to run your ads on both platforms.

No Instagram Account Required: You can still run ads on Instagram if you don’t have an Instagram account.

What Next?

Both are good platforms for e-commerce marketing.

You have to experiment and figure out which is the best revenue generator for you.

But if your product is on the professional side you can get your hands on LinkedIn too.

Snapchat is very cheap now and deserves your attention if your product relates to its audience.



Tips To Improve Your WordPress Site And Optimisation


Your website takes too much time to load?

Website look’s untidy?

You need to fix it up as soon as possible.

If not then you will surely start losing traffic.

So let’s go!


You should always keep your dashboard clean and website too.


Publish or delete your comments do not keep tons of numbers left.

Uninstall unused themes, Update your theme when an update is available.

Update your plugins when the update is available.




It is very important because these hackers get access to your site, they can mess up all.

The plugin like Backup Buddy or your host can look after it for backup because anything can be hacked if the hacker wants.


Choose a strong Password so that normal ones cannot access.



Faster your site is, the more money it will generate.

Slow Loading is a bane to you.

Under 2 seconds is excellent, 5-7 seconds is also not acceptable and over 7 seconds is horrible.

But how to optimize?



Go long term, not short term:

WordPress is not that expensive so you should invest in some like:

  • A dedicated WordPress managed hosting provider
  • A great looking theme
  • If possible get the premium version of themes possible.



Basics: Get them right

They are the base and everything depends on that.

If they lack there are chances that you might lose.


SEO Basics:

Yoast SEO will surely help you in content as well as planning readability.

Backlinks, Permalinks, Focus keyword, and much more should be clear to you.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips You Must Know To Grow Your Site

To learn it online or offline you can visit us.




  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Basics
  • SEO
  • Long Term
  • Investment


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WordPress Plugins Which Will Improve You’re Blog

wordpress plugin

Choosing the appropriate WordPress Plugins for a blog is not an easy task.

Writing a top quality and unique content.

Promotion of your blogs on social media platforms and building links and awareness.

Reply to comments and messages from your readers and audience.

I can’t promise to fix every usability issue, but you’ll surely fix the most common problems.


NUMBER 1: Contact Form 7




Contact Form 7 is the one of the most popular free WordPress plugins.

With over 1 million+ active users/installs.

contact information is one of the key components for the trust of your brand/website.



NUMBER 2: Google Analytics


It is the most powerful and trustable analytical tool.

It is very very important to analyze your blogs and other content so that you can stand up in audience eyes.

Real time website traffic results or behavior can be viewed.


Google analytics plugin offers event tracking and performance details of every post/page on your website.




Optimization of the website is one of the most important things.

And trimming down the heavy images is necessary.

SEMUSH helps you in the reduction of size without affecting the image’s quality.

You can compress up to Fifty images at a time.

You can also set up automatic smush so that every image is resized and optimized as per your specifications.



NUMBER 4: Live Chat Support


This feature is seen on many of the websites.

And there is a strong reason for this.

Live Chat Support is the most effective ways to offer customer satisfaction is the live chat.

The customer’s problem or query can be resolved on the spot.

If you’re offline, you can also let your visitors leave a message.



NUMBER 5: P3 Profile


It shows a performance report for your website with relative numbers of how every plugin is affecting your website.

Using plugins too much might slow down you’re website or it may even crash.

Yes, it depends on coding but information is always useful.

The detailed timeline with information on every plugin.

Clear picture of what’s happening on your slow loading pages.





So that’s it for today.

Which is the most valuable plugin for you?

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Get Hired: How To Built Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a professional network.

A network which when leveraged properly could land that dream job or get you your next client.

It is one of the fastest growing platforms currently.

Growing faster than expected.

Now crossed their Two Hundred Million users mark.

It’s time that you understand its importance and time LinkedIn profile and set things straight.


So Let’s Get Started

Profile Photo is very important and make sure it looks professional and good.

You in this internet world get judged by others through your profile photo.

There’s a lot of difference between a Facebook profile picture and a LinkedIn profile picture.

You wouldn’t want a bad photo of yourself on your online resume.

Stop lying and adding irrelevant experiences, if you don’t have much experienced resume built one instead of faking.


Use Of Profile URL LinkedIn gives you a unique link.

Which you should use.

Joining Groups 

linkedIN groups

These are must to build the network and show your own content.

Build a strong community and engage with them.

Built Connections, it has a feature called ‘connections’.

Like we have friends on facebook.

Add people you know, work for or work with.

Share content with them, make use of reply to’s with ‘@’ tag.

Never forget the status updates and other must needed updates.


Create you’re own content and post/share regularly.

Create engaging content and share them with your connections.

Give attention to your “Recommended”

Recommendations are the backbone.

Give attention to them you might find anything useful.

Leader: Become a leader

You should assert your leadership and authority in your niche.

  • Start a Group

Where people can discuss ideas and topics.

It will keep you’re network engaging.

Then analyze connections and understand the need.

  • Q&A 

Make most of this one.

By participating in these types of discussions, you can guide and become a leader.


So that’s it for today.

Thank You for staying till here.

Do You  Use LinkedIn?

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Chrome Apps And Extensions For Marketers (Chrome Extensions)

google chrome

Everyone wants something which helps them in saving time.

There are some freemium, premium tools to get you started.

Helping in the advancement of your business.

This is where Google Chrome apps and extensions come in.


Number 1: Grammarly Chrome Extension

It is one of the most recommended extension.

You will find it in most of the extension guide blogs.


It will check your tweets before your post them, correct your spelling in emails, find typos you made when writing a comment on a post, etc.

You don’t need to copy and paste texts to proofread them.

The extension will do it all on the go, and it’s really helpful.


Number 2: Check My Links


This tool helps you to reveal all broken links in your long text.

A must use to refurbish your old content.

It highlights the working links with green color and highlights broken links with red color.


Number 3: Email Tracker


It notifies you of your email reads.

Who opened the message, how many times it was viewed, and how much time spent.



Number 4: Topvisor




It numbers the listing and displays it rank by rank.

Instead of counting one after another you can just take a look at the number.

It is easy and quick.


Number 5: Majestic Backlink Analyzer


It tells you the page strength based on backlink data.

Majestic scans the page and then tells you the detail.


Number 6: Conspire

Very powerful one in influencer marketing.

It shows the best path to connect with a person- be it on Linkedin, Gmail.



Number 7: Stay Focused

It blocks all websites that keep you distracted (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or allow to spend a preset amount of time browsing them.



These extensions will surely help you in your work.

They are small and extremely helpful in minimizing your work.

But to manage all these you need an extension manager.


Here it for you.

For more marketing tips you must read our blogs

Do you use extensions on regular basis?

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How To Built Your Marketing Career- Few Tips For You

I am sure that you might have watched videos and read books on Marketing Career.

Well, you must be knowing that if you wanna go big the degree isn’t enough.

Marketing field’s expected growth is 10% by 2026.

You can’t afford to not get savvy with those rules.

There are a few tricks you can use against the competition.


1. Improve your communication

Basics never change no matter how much the technology change.

Dominating basics will surely lead you to success.

It doesn’t matter what new technology comes tomorrow, your basic communication skills are always in demand and needed everywhere.


And the good news is that another survey shows that technical skills are more important than computer specific skills.


computer skills employers want

How do you develop your fundamental communication skills?

To become a better communicator you should practice as much as possible and especially give importance to write more.


This site might help you out


ebooks from copyblogger


Tools like Grammarly are very useful.

Nowadays so many marketers, writers use this to check.

They have a chrome extension too which is a good thing.

It will show you advanced errors if you’re a premium user but free version also give you enough support.



2. Content Creation Separates You From Competition


demand for skills within digital marketing


You can follow examples like

  • Tim Soulo
  • Ann Handley

to get an idea about content writing.




3. Portfolio: Grow it

More than 64% of employers were perfering candidates with some work experience.


hiring preferences with work experience


If you are getting into the marketing field through school, internet or anywhere you need experience in order to get more.


Go out work and make a difference in your career and move out from the rat race.


4. Data: Go Big With It


They help professionals make better decisions and acquire new customers.

It’s 2018 now and you have to go big with data.

You can do courses from Coursera.

Many courses provide videos and videos are easy to understand than just reading. is acquired by LinkedIn and consists of videos and other guides.

Skillshare provides e-learning for everything from design to data science to advanced marketing.


These were some great platform to learn.



In this fast running world expectations of experts are growing rapidly.

Focus on dominating your fundamental communication skills.

Content is always the king.

Create content for other industry blogs or use publications on Medium to give your name authority.

Networking is still a vital part.

Data skills are in demand work on them.


What type of strategies you use?

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How To Grow Your Facebook Group And Get New Customers

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and there is no reason to put your hands into it.

This year statistics show that over a billion people members of Facebook groups.

So today I am going to tell you How To Grow Your Facebook Group And Get New Customers.

Facebook group for Customer Care Service

A Facebook group may be ideal for connecting your customers for service.

It is also ideal for getting customer response.

I do not mean to replace your customer service department but the group might help you more.

They might help you to understand your customer more clearly.


Facebook group for marketing

In the last few years, Facebook groups have better engagement rates and higher organic reach so it is important to use it as a marketing platform.

Users get a notification everytime someone posts in the group.


So many of you will be thinking about the difference between Facebook Group and Facebook Page.



After deciding what’s good for you and what not you go with it and strategize accordingly.

Receiving  Feedback From Facebook Groups

Groups are great ways to see your customer feedback directly.

With the help of this, you will get an idea that how is the audience response with your new product too.


But how to grow your group?

Intercom:  Sending a message to our users with Intercom was the first step we took towards reaching our goal.




Reach them on messenger 

Direct contact is very useful and the customer also feels that you care about them.

Tag them, interact with them 

Ask questions, find out what they need and give your best service.

Don’t make it about you, Ask questions, Ensure you’re there to help, Don’t set too many rules.



Facebook groups are worthy of your time and will surely help you grow if you use them well.

Don’t just go for the numbers, target your users to have the audience you want.

The steps above will surely help you.


To read more social media blogs click here


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Instagram Scheduler Tools For Proper Management And Boost


Instagram management tools are very important so that you can schedule your work.

Everybody now has an Instagram account no matter in which field you are like business, freelancer, blogger, programmer.

Instagram is my favourite social network and there is a strong reason for it.

Nearly 60% of Instagram users learn about a product or service through the platform.

here are some tools which will help you out.


  • AgoraPulse
  • Tailwind
  • Later



  • Advanced analytics
  • Republish option
  • Visual calendar

These three options are there to help you out.

But the things are manual too.


The pricing is as follows:

It supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube on top of Instagram.

This makes this software more costly.

A basic plan costs $49/month, which allows for 3 social network profiles and one team member.

And plan can be adjusted from basic to medium and so on.




It is another great application for scheduling the Instagram post.




  • Direct publishing
  • Post analytics
  • Best time to post
  • Includes Pinterest
  • Multiple accounts
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Chrome addon
  • iOS App


But there is no android app yet hope it will be there soon.

It costs $9.99/month.

This is an official partner of Instagram and allows automatic posting of the update.



It is an app to help you publish Instagram content according to a  schedule.

This app will send you a notification once it’s time to publish a post.

Later app

  • Multi-platform app (Desktop, Web, Mobile).
  • Visual and interactive calendar.
  • Can also schedule Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter posts.
  • Analytics, Search and Repost features available for free accounts.
  • Can upload photos from Dropbox and/or Google Drive.

Paid subscription starting at $9/month.



Buffer is a free option to give a shot.

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today and increasing day by day.


Do you schedule your Instagram posts from other tools than above?

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How To Optimize And Take Pictures Of Your E-commerce


Around fifty one per cent of people like to conduct their shopping with e-commerce, according to DigitalCommerce360.

Your E-commerce images can make or break your conversions images are everything.

According to Statista, the net revenue of sales for Amazon in 2017 was 177.87 billion dollars.

Yes, that’s billion, not million.


amazon stats

It will cover half of the E-commerce sales by 2021.

Just amazon alone to all the other stores combined.


You can order products with a single click and have them delivered on the same day with Amazon Prime Now.

The experience with it is easy with no hassle as it has an easy return.

Free shipping and often lower products make it different from other E-commerce.

People still love the traditional retail experience of going to stores to test items before buying.

You don’t have to wait for a product to be delivered only for it to be a bust and not fit or work.

Simple returns and direct contact of customers to owners most of the time.

Has connected customers to traditional shopping.

When it comes to good e-commerce product shots, you know one when you see it and yes they are powerful.


go pro 

look at the above shot you would love to see it on landing page rather than just normal photos.


These photos really convey a message to us.

First, the size or east use of it as it is so compact.

Second, app to connect your footage to your phone.

E-commerce photos are more than just product shots.

But hiring a professional for this kind of shoot can be expensive.

Now what?

You can take amazing pictures with your smartphone or a standard digital camera.


Tripod: Invest in a flexible tripod to capture angles, gorilla tripod is what I suggest.

Light: Invest in lightning so that you can look professional.

use both artificial an natural according to product.

But it can make a huge difference in some products

So it’s upon you how to use it.


Use sweep



Optimizing your e-commerce images for organic search

  • Use compression tools for optimisation an speed.
  • Optimize your file names and alt text
  • Test your photos (Consumer behaviour shifts. People change. Opinions are always advancing)

E-commerce product photos are critical to success, take the best product shots you can.