How To Create Amazon Affiliates Site By Using WooCommerce


Amazon Affiliate by Using your WooCommerce site.

Affiliate marketing lets you promote and sell other people’s products, and earn small commissions on resulting sales.

Amazon is one of the best for affiliate marketing.

You can use is on your blog or another thing to earn money.

Create or if you already have a WordPress blog turn it into Amazon affiliates site without losing any content.

Install Woocommerce

After the following steps, you can go to amazon affiliate site.

You’ll need to sign into your Amazon account and verify personal information.

Add your blog’s URL using the Enter Your Website.

Then in the profile option fill out all like;

creating a unique ID, entering some information about your blog’s focus, and choosing what kinds of products you’re interested in.

Then in next point identity verification.

Here you have to verify your account agreeing on terms and condition.


Click on the Finish button.



Now Add Amazon affiliate products to your blog

After all the steps above of Amazon affiliates account you will get access to your personal dashboard (amazon affiliate dashboard)


Here on your dashboard, you can find any information like account, earnings, and more.

You can search for products.

You can use keywords and categories to find something that fits your blog type.

When you’ve chosen a product, click the arrow next to its Get link button.

Then go back to your blog’s dashboard.

Create a product by going to products  > add new

Add a title and description for the product, and upload an image.

Scroll down to the section labeled Product data.

Select External/Affiliate product.

Then paste your affiliate link from Amazon into the Product URL box.

After saving you will be able to click on it and visit the relevant Amazon page.

You can also use your unique link in your blog post too.

  • Set up WooCommerce
  • Sign up for Amazon affiliate
  • Add product to your blog


Mega List : Affiliate Networks For Affiliate Programs


You will learn the top affiliate marketplaces used by Affilates to earn millions.

An exclusive  list of top marketplaces which you should join now for generating revenue.

Here you go :

1 Amazon Affiliate Program

2 Growsumo

3 ShareAsale

4 Clickbank

5 ImpactRadius


Amazon Affiliate Program


Amazon Affiliate



Top affiliate list is always in complete with Amazon Affiliate Program.It is a tremendous opportunity to make money and increase market.

Here are some Guides to help you out : click here

When you go through it i am sure you’ll be more confident then now.



Impact Radius


impact radius


It is an another rapid growing Affiliate market place where you can make money.

Here you can sell products related to web application,fashion, and many more.

Now many of the big brands are moving their affiliate program to impact radius.

They are one of the earliest one to use finger print technique for sales and giving advantage to brands ans marketers too.







It’s a new market place so you might not be familiar with it.But there are so many great affiliate program .

Products related to business,entrepreneurship,web hosting,and many more.

It’s simple to join and that’s what i like about it.Interface for users is responsive and easy to use.

The minimum pay out is $50  through PayPal


Join GrowSumo now.





Click bank is a renowned place for affiliated programs.

If you don’t know about go and create account right now.You will surely find some good programs.

For more than last 4 or more years i am using it and still never ever got problem with payment and interface.






Shareasale has paid millions pf dollars to it’s affiliates as it was founded in 2000.

The interface is not yet that modern  but there is no problem in understanding it.

You can join it’s affiliate program  now but is generally take 2-3 days for approval.

To Join Click Here



The above was the list of top affiliate programs which you should join now.

You should join or start as early as possible as this industry has lot of potential and growing rapidly.

so go ahead and make money.

You can take help of SMM for betterment of your program