Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing:

Everyone is hearing about it every single day.

Is it really helpful for you’re business?

Really worth you’re time and money?

We will talk about this only today.

Businesses around the globe are discovering methods through which

social media can help them grow their online business.

From a research from Hubspot says

80% of marketers said that social media efforts increased traffic on their company sites.

Social Media is an investment of valuable time and resources. 

It is used as an integral part for 90+ marketers.

Benefits of SMM

Increase In Brand Awareness

It is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods.

Content is always the king.

Simply having people interact with your content will increase brand awareness.

Just by spending a few hours many have claimed that

their efforts have increased their brand awareness more than any other offline thing.

If regularly using it can create a wide audience.


Higher Conversion  

Every blog post, image, video, or comment may lead viewers to your company’s website and increase traffic.

Everybody is doing it at a very high rate there is a strong reason for it.

This is the reason why E-commerce (Amazon) is a trillion dollar company.

Realizing the power of this internet thing way back

is having a huge impact on the world today.


It’s about the product and you’re target audience.



Helps in Engaging and better connection

Social media will help you in better engagement with your customer.

It provides you a platform to solve direct queries.

You can go in very detailed targetting and directly reach your potential customers.



Reach Your Potential Customers Directly and Tracking.

Yes, here you can directly reach your potential customer and convert.

Platforms like Facebook and more allow you to do this.

You can easily use data analytics tools to analyze and plan according to need.

You can target individuals who follow certain brands On Twitter,

while on LinkedIn.

You can target people who work in particular kinds of industries,

interests, gender, age, many more.


it’s tracking feature is what you can use to go from 0 to 100 in a few days.

Testing is important but still when you get the results from it

you will be surprised with ROI.


So these were few points and will talk more in upcoming blogs.

Part Two will be posted soon Stay tuned  (Advantages Of Social Media Marketing)

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Social Media Guide 2

social media guide

Part 1 link Here

Let’s start with-


Video Ads

Considering video ads on youtube

Depending on which type of ad you use

viewers will either be able to skip your ad after a few seconds

Or they have to watch the entire thing different strategies for different business.

So testing is the best way to do it.



LinkedIn is actually alive from 2002.

In initial days it only had 20 sign ups but now

It’s able to connect with over 467 million members.

On LinkedIn means it all about being professional.

People here are only for Business that’s the one thing.

LinkedIn Groups :

They are just like Facebook groups but for business.

This is an strategy for making connections and growing your audience.


It is the same as other social media platforms.

It is the most effective platform for the b2b business category.



People here on LinkedIn are for business talks and you must take most out of it.

The advertisement may be the way.




Snap has about 178 million daily active users.

The app worth more than 33 billion (according to some sources)

The content means videos and images disappear in 10 seconds.

You can give audience access to a live event.

Like you can like posts some snaps and share with your audience.

Majority users of Snapchat are teens or around a young age only.

But as the digital world is growing at the rapid rate

the older ones are also heading towards it.

Companies like Hubspot uses it to establish their brand personality.


So yes you can use it for b2b sales.

Yes, it’s true that it requires more creativity than other platforms.

But plenty of businesses are doing and getting benefits from it.


More Platforms

You can use platforms like

  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Quora

Many more…

We will surely talk about it in upcoming blogs.

Part 1 link Here

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Social Media Guide

social media guide

This is what Wikipedia says Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites:-?


It is not totally that.

So let’s start with today’s blog.

You always hear about a few social media platforms.

There is a listing of over 200 on Wikipedia.

Social media changes faster as compared to other online spaces.


2004 where it all started,  they opened Facebook to everyone in 2006.

It offers marketers the most data and the most targeted ads.

How much in detailed?

Location: any

Interests: any

Job title: Founder till anyone

Relationship, age, gender, language and this is how much you can detail.

The strategy is very important but this is what called detailed marketing.


There are many options according to your need.

social media guide

You can also use the option for”similar audience” and enjoy the benefits.



You can also run that ad on Instagram by clicking a single button.

No extra work needed.


Facebook Live 

Have a very high reach as compared to posts.

Maybe it makes us feel more connected or more transparency is the reason why people love it.

Users spend three times longer watching live videos than pre-recorded videos.


Influencer Marketing on Instagram

This thing is getting huge every single day.

Most are underrated but in future, they will not.

According to Garyvee, it is one of the best to use and put your hands in.


In the case of this Instagram top the list.




In a single day, users watch about one billion hours on it.

It is equal to 114,000 years of time  huh!

It’s a huge yes.

Great way to share long-form content with your audience.

You can use other social media channels as a path drive your followers to YouTube by giving excerpts.



We will talk about LinkedIn and Snapchat  In upcoming blogs.


So that’s it for today

Social media guide 2 Here

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Social Media Tools To Increase Engagement


Need engagement? Here are some Social Media Tools To Increase Engagement

Manually running and handling business is a very hard task.

It is very time-consuming.

You need to be consistent in sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc…

And you also need to be monitoring your mentions, comments, direct messages, and etc..

How to manage?



It enables you to schedule up to 2,000 social media posts.

You can easily analyze the activities.



This tool helps to measure the popularity of a brand has online, based on information from 32 social networking sites.

Means it helps you to figure out what your competitors are doing.

Will help you to dominate.


Adobe spark

This will help you to step up your game by creating easy graphics.

The more attractive your posts are, the more you will gain(engagement).



Canva is the best in my opinion for graphic designing.

Logos, design, custom design all are available.

It has both types paid and free but the free one is also very good.



This helps you to connect up to thirty five social media platforms.

With one click, you can post on all the social media platforms you have selected.

It allows you to collaborate, and integrate, and analyze your best content.

Provide you a dashboard.


Who unfollowed me

This can get an accurate picture of those who are unfollowing you on twitter.

This tool will help in an analysis of which kind of users to attract and left.

Same applications are also available for Instagram you can search directly on google.



This provides you with some important stuff for Instagram

Like: how many  likes received, the average number of total likes,

your most liked photo ever, chart of your followers, and some even more.

Helps you to enhance your engagement.


Sprout Social

This provides you with a fast and reliable way to respond to your clients queries.




It keeps you informed of every tweet from your competitors.

Help you in staying up to date and keep an eye on the competition.


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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads Which One Is Better For E-commerce

Facebook vs Instagram which one?

Social Media Advertising or Marketing gives an extra option for detailed targetting.

According to a few sites, Facebook has 2.07 billion active users and Instagram has 800 million (Data according to sep. 2017).

And insta is in a heavy hype and gaining many new users every single day.


If your band is on both the social media platforms you should work on both the platforms.

The best way is to activate your campaign on both networks but on campaign by campaign basis.

It is said by the icon Garyvee that you should start social media campaigns before its too late and other mega companies start putting their money on that and increase prices.


But which is best FB or Insta, it totally depends on your product that which platform will generate more revenue to you.

Identify on the basis:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Demographics



Instagram: 70.7% of US businesses are using insta in 2017

80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram.

Over 100 million visits website, got directions and other stuff.


Facebook: Engagement from organic posts may be lowering but the audience network is huge.

You can get very specific about the kind of engagement you want.



Instagram: 800 million+ active users make a huge impact on the market.

Making it a good bet for business and brand promotion.

It has a strong organic reach and more quality or cream crowd than FB.

Instagram Marketing Tips That Are Really Powerful Really And Work


Facebook: 2.07 billion is a huge number, it is one of the oldest social media platforms.

Facebook has a ton of ad targeting options.





Detailed Targeting


Custom Audiences


After deciding which platform to use you should decide which type of ad is required for e-commerce.Photo Ads 

photo ads


Carousel Ads


Video Ads

Video Ads


Collection Ads

Collection Ads


Messenger Ads







Facebook has an average cost-per-click of $0.35

The Instagram ad is around $0.80.

These numbers will vary according to region and amount of audience.

Source: AdEspresso

The highest cost-per-click age group are18 to 24, 25 to 34, and 35 to 44.



Should you go with FB or Insta?

After detailed research, you may choose to run your ads on both platforms.

By running ads on both platforms this will show which platform is getting most of the attention.

Facebook allows you to manage both Facebook and Instagram ads, you just need to select an objective and go.

Another good reason to run your ads on both platforms.

No Instagram Account Required: You can still run ads on Instagram if you don’t have an Instagram account.

What Next?

Both are good platforms for e-commerce marketing.

You have to experiment and figure out which is the best revenue generator for you.

But if your product is on the professional side you can get your hands on LinkedIn too.

Snapchat is very cheap now and deserves your attention if your product relates to its audience.



Get Hired: How To Built Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a professional network.

A network which when leveraged properly could land that dream job or get you your next client.

It is one of the fastest growing platforms currently.

Growing faster than expected.

Now crossed their Two Hundred Million users mark.

It’s time that you understand its importance and time LinkedIn profile and set things straight.


So Let’s Get Started

Profile Photo is very important and make sure it looks professional and good.

You in this internet world get judged by others through your profile photo.

There’s a lot of difference between a Facebook profile picture and a LinkedIn profile picture.

You wouldn’t want a bad photo of yourself on your online resume.

Stop lying and adding irrelevant experiences, if you don’t have much experienced resume built one instead of faking.


Use Of Profile URL LinkedIn gives you a unique link.

Which you should use.

Joining Groups 

linkedIN groups

These are must to build the network and show your own content.

Build a strong community and engage with them.

Built Connections, it has a feature called ‘connections’.

Like we have friends on facebook.

Add people you know, work for or work with.

Share content with them, make use of reply to’s with ‘@’ tag.

Never forget the status updates and other must needed updates.


Create you’re own content and post/share regularly.

Create engaging content and share them with your connections.

Give attention to your “Recommended”

Recommendations are the backbone.

Give attention to them you might find anything useful.

Leader: Become a leader

You should assert your leadership and authority in your niche.

  • Start a Group

Where people can discuss ideas and topics.

It will keep you’re network engaging.

Then analyze connections and understand the need.

  • Q&A 

Make most of this one.

By participating in these types of discussions, you can guide and become a leader.


So that’s it for today.

Thank You for staying till here.

Do You  Use LinkedIn?

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How To Grow Your Facebook Group And Get New Customers

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and there is no reason to put your hands into it.

This year statistics show that over a billion people members of Facebook groups.

So today I am going to tell you How To Grow Your Facebook Group And Get New Customers.

Facebook group for Customer Care Service

A Facebook group may be ideal for connecting your customers for service.

It is also ideal for getting customer response.

I do not mean to replace your customer service department but the group might help you more.

They might help you to understand your customer more clearly.


Facebook group for marketing

In the last few years, Facebook groups have better engagement rates and higher organic reach so it is important to use it as a marketing platform.

Users get a notification everytime someone posts in the group.


So many of you will be thinking about the difference between Facebook Group and Facebook Page.



After deciding what’s good for you and what not you go with it and strategize accordingly.

Receiving  Feedback From Facebook Groups

Groups are great ways to see your customer feedback directly.

With the help of this, you will get an idea that how is the audience response with your new product too.


But how to grow your group?

Intercom:  Sending a message to our users with Intercom was the first step we took towards reaching our goal.




Reach them on messenger 

Direct contact is very useful and the customer also feels that you care about them.

Tag them, interact with them 

Ask questions, find out what they need and give your best service.

Don’t make it about you, Ask questions, Ensure you’re there to help, Don’t set too many rules.



Facebook groups are worthy of your time and will surely help you grow if you use them well.

Don’t just go for the numbers, target your users to have the audience you want.

The steps above will surely help you.


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Instagram Scheduler Tools For Proper Management And Boost


Instagram management tools are very important so that you can schedule your work.

Everybody now has an Instagram account no matter in which field you are like business, freelancer, blogger, programmer.

Instagram is my favourite social network and there is a strong reason for it.

Nearly 60% of Instagram users learn about a product or service through the platform.

here are some tools which will help you out.


  • AgoraPulse
  • Tailwind
  • Later



  • Advanced analytics
  • Republish option
  • Visual calendar

These three options are there to help you out.

But the things are manual too.


The pricing is as follows:

It supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube on top of Instagram.

This makes this software more costly.

A basic plan costs $49/month, which allows for 3 social network profiles and one team member.

And plan can be adjusted from basic to medium and so on.




It is another great application for scheduling the Instagram post.




  • Direct publishing
  • Post analytics
  • Best time to post
  • Includes Pinterest
  • Multiple accounts
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Chrome addon
  • iOS App


But there is no android app yet hope it will be there soon.

It costs $9.99/month.

This is an official partner of Instagram and allows automatic posting of the update.



It is an app to help you publish Instagram content according to a  schedule.

This app will send you a notification once it’s time to publish a post.

Later app

  • Multi-platform app (Desktop, Web, Mobile).
  • Visual and interactive calendar.
  • Can also schedule Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter posts.
  • Analytics, Search and Repost features available for free accounts.
  • Can upload photos from Dropbox and/or Google Drive.

Paid subscription starting at $9/month.



Buffer is a free option to give a shot.

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today and increasing day by day.


Do you schedule your Instagram posts from other tools than above?

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Instagram Marketing Tips That Are Really Powerful Really And Work


Instagram is an ultimate platform to show up.

It is one of the biggest social media platforms.

There’s also a large number of influencers on the site with a massive amount of followers.

So there are some powerful tips that will help you too.


Step Number ONE:

Switch to business profile:

insta business profile


There are some direct benefits of that like :

followers can click on your contact button.

get in touch with you right from your Instagram page.

It allows you ads without the use of Facebook tools for advertising.

Use of analytics tools called Insights.

It gives stats about the impressions and reach of your posts.


Step Number Two

Create sponsored ads :

It gives your brand the ability to target their audience.


You should run multiple ads of multiple images for multiple audience and keep an engagement flow.

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Stories



Stories paid or unpaid are one of the best way to reach followers.



Step Number Three

Use of influencers for a wider reach : 

The fastest way to reach a wide audience is the use of influencers.

Audience trusts them hence it is beneficial for your business too.

You Should try to find or identify a few influencers that have a relevant audience.

If you build a relationship with each influencer, you’ll build lasting brand awareness with a new audience.


Step Number Four

Hashtags are always useful :

These strategies are now in trend.

Look at companies like Red Bull and Coca Cola.

Red Bull uses hashtags like itgivesyouwings

And they have the engagement of over a million.

Coca Cola has Shareacoke and they are using their audience  to promote their brand.



Step Number Five :

Correct Time to Post :

Over-posting is harmful and it will surely decrease your following  and engagement.

But you want to post on a consistent basis so that you stay connected.

Correct Days to post.


day to post

The orrect times of day to post are between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, as well as 2:00 AM.

You should post between one and two times per day.

Not more than two is recommended.

Track your follower growth rate with a tool like Influencer Dashboard.

If you have  smaller following, your engagement rate should be higher.



Add your website like in your bio.

Switch your profile to an Instagram Business Profile

Use free tools and make most out of it.

Keep an eye on follower growth rate, engagement rate, track the right metrics.

Post on correct time.

Use relevant Hashtags.

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Tell me how do you use Instagram to increase your business? 

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Tools that Help You To Run More Profitable Ad Campaigns


So many of us spend a lot of money on ads each day.

Here are some of the tools that will help you in increasing your productivity.



If the design was your problem, here is the solution.

Yes, you can open photoshop and flow your creativity there but it’ll take time.

But an easier and simple solution is there.

Canva is the platform which helps you to do that in few minutes.

All types of templates, brochure, card are pre designed there just go change content and then post.

So no more hours wasted spent adjusting layers, filters, type. Point, click, and you are ready to go.




You cannot afford a stupid grammar mistake on your ad campaign.

And here Grammarly plays an important role, they have chrome extension too which help you all the time.

Or if you just wanna check mistakes on your article copy and paste into their tool and check.



Facebook Ads Gallery

You need to refine, test and do some other stuff based on previous results.


facebook ads gallery


Facebook ads gallery can help you shortcut the testing process by displaying different ad from big advertisers.




For example, you have twenty campaigns with twenty different keywords.

Means you need twenty landing pages, too!

Unbounce can help you to create custom landing pages.

Here is the shot

In this way, you can reduce your workload from 20 different pages to one template. Then you just customize the text on the single template.



So many of us spend tons of budget on advertising.

And it can be tricky because you don’t know what’s going to work or what not.

SEMrush can help you to prevent such mistakes and might help you to save a lot of budget.





You should go and check them.

SEMrush also provides you with competitive insight.