One click WordPress Installation

One Click Wordpress installation

One click WordPress Installation:

Manually installing WordPress is now old my friends,

as now it is way easier.

I am giving you an example of Hostgator and the instructions work same on all.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and an

easier way to install it was a must.



login to your c-panel.

In the software, section click on “Quick Install”



Now You have to click on “One Click Instals”

And then you will be directed to next page.

Here then select WordPress  icon

Complete the following details for further installation.

Blog title, Admin User, First name, Last name, Admin E-mail.

Blog Title, enter the name of the website.

Admin Username, your preferred username but make sure

you remember it always.

First and Last name.

Admin E-mail, here your admin password will be mailed,

so make sure it is an working E-mail address.


Check the box,  of terms and conditions.

Click the install button.


After all these Click details  for your

admin URL, password and Username.

And Bingo your installation is done.

Now you can begin working on your website.


Check your email for the WordPress username and password as well

as a link to your WordPress login page.


Wordfence Plugin

wordfence plugin

Wordfence plugin is one of the most or the most popular

WordPress firewall and security scanner.

It is a very important plugin and we must use that.

The plugin Wordfence protects our website and with new firewall rules

malware signatures and malicious IP addresses are also armed by it.

Wordfence Link Here


There are both free and premium versions.

Free Version Gives you there following options:

Set one-click security level

Firewall rules

Live traffic view

Virus scanner

Email alerts

Login security features

Avoid DDoS attacks.

Additional WordPress security options


You can directly download then install and activate the plugin

directly from the WordPress dashboard.

You will get an API key then go to Wordfence and then into Wordfence settings and

add the API key.




94,419,920   DOWNLOADS TO DATE
4.8 out of  RATING
Most downloaded security plugin

Product Support

For both Free and Premium:

Premium customers can open  here:

Free customers that need product support can post to the WordPress forums here:




How to import articles From Google Docs to WordPress

How to import articles From Google Docs to WordPress

How to import articles From Google Docs to WordPress?

Want your docs article and images to get directly imported to

WordPress without editing after just copying then…

Go to the document on Docs you want to publish on WordPress.

Click on Add-ons > Get Add-ons

then on search bar search Jetpack.

Add and give it permission to integrate on WordPress.

Once you are finished open the article

Click on Add-ons > for google docs > open  that.

Then a Panel will be open where you need to complete the authorization

of docs with WordPress account.

Click on “Authorize”

Click on “Approve”.

This will direct you to your blog page.

You have to log in and will connect Docs and WordPress.

If an error occurs go to jetpack(in WordPress to debug)

> settings and enable JSON API.



Go back to Google Docs.

Click reload on the article on you want to import.

If you wish to add more blogs,

you can do the same by clicking on “Add WordPress Site” in the footer.

Click “Save Draft”.

If you want to preview you can also do that.

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How To Disable Comments On WordPress Post

How To Disable Comments On WordPress Post

Don’t like comments wanna know How To Disable Comments On WordPress Post?

WordPress is an ideal platform for blogging.

Not every post of your blog needs the comment feature

You can disable them whenever you want.

Disable comments on specific posts, on all the pages, specific pages.

Even on platforms like shoutmeloud get only 1 percent of genuine comments

rest are fake and most of them are backlinks.

The thought of disabling comments on a few specific

WordPress blog posts is a good idea.

So let’s start


You can Deactivate comments on already published blogs.

First login to your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Edit section of posts or pages.


Uncheck the box that says allow comments.

Click on the update and comment box will be gone.


How to disable on all website?

You can disable comments on your WordPress site

temporarily or permanently.

To do this follow the steps below

Go to settings

Then click on “Discussions”

Under the default article settings untick or uncheck the

“Allow people to post comments on new articles”



Settings > Discussions“, you will see the option “Automatically close comments on articles older than

To disable comments on posts/pages which are older than “XYZ” days

You can use that option.

Type the number and click.

That’s It but do not forget to scroll and save.


So that’s it for today.

I know there was not much in this but

it is true that some simple tips and tricks help us

in unbeliveable ways.



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Tips For E-commerce Development


Keeping an eye on E-commerce Development is necessary.

The goal of every eCommerce website is simple: to do more and more sales.

So your website should have what drive sales.

1. Responsive Design

More than 39% of online shoppers make a purchase on their mobile.

So you should make sure that you should optimize it properly.

Make sure that your navigation, images, text, and whitespace are all optimized for your mobile users.



2. Promotion Bar

Do a little bit extra to your business.

Use your offers like 25% off at the top.

These little things are the bonus.

This also helps in SEO.


when bot comes to your website it gives him an indication that some event is going on.

It will not take you from 7th to 1st page but will surely help you.


3. Search Bar 

Yes I know nobody forgets it now but some small site still dos not have them.

Even if you have a few products you should have it.

It is very convenient for the audience using your website.


4. Live Chat  Support

Live chat option is a must now.

Customers don’t want to wait hours on hold or for a response to their email, they want answers now.

They can quickly get the help they need.


5. Use high-resolution images


Everybody wants to see what they are buying.

High-res photos of your products so they can zoom and view from a number of different angles for a complete picture of the product.


6. Use product video

This is a good strategy.

Creating videos for your product pages encourages conversions and purchases by showing users exactly how your product looks.


7. Product Descriptions

Description of your products is your opportunity to sell a product to the customer.


Product information and specs, writing unique descriptions for your product pages can help improve the SEO.


8. Shipping and Return details

Making sure users are aware of available delivery options and shipping costs


9. Email newsletter signup

This help you to connect to your audience who has visited your website.

And you can also give them an email reminder of latest offers and deals.



So that’s it for today.

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How To Add Pop Up Form On Your WordPress Site


WordPress Popups are great to generate leads

But on a condition of using it correctly.

So let’s start,

We have to use a plugin for it.

If you search on the WordPress you will find many as popup plugins.

Today I am going to talk about  ‘popup maker’

This is the plugin for a popup on your WordPress website.

These popup windows can contain any custom content you like.


It gives you the ability to add a wide range of content types to them, including text, images, videos, links, and buttons, and many more.

Popup Maker plugin is free to use.

So go to your WordPress dashboard > navigate to plugins > add new plugins > type Popup Maker in the search field


Popup Maker

After installing it can be accessed directly from the sidebar.

Click on add new item.

Then start creating your popup.


You can also add any custom content that you would add to a regular WordPress post.

This includes text,  images, video and more.


After adding your content you can get a preview so that you can get an idea.

You can also specify where on your site the popup should be displayed.


You can also set up the size of the window.

Also, you can use different animation effects to make it of your own style.

After deciding the layout this free plugin gives you the ability to display the popups after a chosen amount of time has passed since the page has been loaded.

You can change the appearance of the popup and its free.

You also have the option of purchasing the unlimited themes add-on.

Allows you to create multiple themes for use on the different popups on a website.



It is free and an important plugin.

You should use it correctly and with a mature frequency and animation.

Sometimes too much edit and animation ruein the popup.

So that its for today.

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Tips To Improve Your WordPress Site And Optimisation


Your website takes too much time to load?

Website look’s untidy?

You need to fix it up as soon as possible.

If not then you will surely start losing traffic.

So let’s go!


You should always keep your dashboard clean and website too.


Publish or delete your comments do not keep tons of numbers left.

Uninstall unused themes, Update your theme when an update is available.

Update your plugins when the update is available.




It is very important because these hackers get access to your site, they can mess up all.

The plugin like Backup Buddy or your host can look after it for backup because anything can be hacked if the hacker wants.


Choose a strong Password so that normal ones cannot access.



Faster your site is, the more money it will generate.

Slow Loading is a bane to you.

Under 2 seconds is excellent, 5-7 seconds is also not acceptable and over 7 seconds is horrible.

But how to optimize?



Go long term, not short term:

WordPress is not that expensive so you should invest in some like:

  • A dedicated WordPress managed hosting provider
  • A great looking theme
  • If possible get the premium version of themes possible.



Basics: Get them right

They are the base and everything depends on that.

If they lack there are chances that you might lose.


SEO Basics:

Yoast SEO will surely help you in content as well as planning readability.

Backlinks, Permalinks, Focus keyword, and much more should be clear to you.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips You Must Know To Grow Your Site

To learn it online or offline you can visit us.




  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Basics
  • SEO
  • Long Term
  • Investment


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WordPress Plugins Which Will Improve You’re Blog

wordpress plugin

Choosing the appropriate WordPress Plugins for a blog is not an easy task.

Writing a top quality and unique content.

Promotion of your blogs on social media platforms and building links and awareness.

Reply to comments and messages from your readers and audience.

I can’t promise to fix every usability issue, but you’ll surely fix the most common problems.


NUMBER 1: Contact Form 7




Contact Form 7 is the one of the most popular free WordPress plugins.

With over 1 million+ active users/installs.

contact information is one of the key components for the trust of your brand/website.



NUMBER 2: Google Analytics


It is the most powerful and trustable analytical tool.

It is very very important to analyze your blogs and other content so that you can stand up in audience eyes.

Real time website traffic results or behavior can be viewed.


Google analytics plugin offers event tracking and performance details of every post/page on your website.




Optimization of the website is one of the most important things.

And trimming down the heavy images is necessary.

SEMUSH helps you in the reduction of size without affecting the image’s quality.

You can compress up to Fifty images at a time.

You can also set up automatic smush so that every image is resized and optimized as per your specifications.



NUMBER 4: Live Chat Support


This feature is seen on many of the websites.

And there is a strong reason for this.

Live Chat Support is the most effective ways to offer customer satisfaction is the live chat.

The customer’s problem or query can be resolved on the spot.

If you’re offline, you can also let your visitors leave a message.



NUMBER 5: P3 Profile


It shows a performance report for your website with relative numbers of how every plugin is affecting your website.

Using plugins too much might slow down you’re website or it may even crash.

Yes, it depends on coding but information is always useful.

The detailed timeline with information on every plugin.

Clear picture of what’s happening on your slow loading pages.





So that’s it for today.

Which is the most valuable plugin for you?

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Guide To Install Payment Gateway On WooCommerce Site


So you are looking for an all sorts of solutions to get stripe payment gateway to work on your website.

Today the guide for

FREE functioning stripe payment gateway with- No Coding Needed.



Step Number 1:

Installing and Activating the following plugins

  1. Woocommerce
  2. Woocommerce Stripe Gateway by Automattic
  3. CloudFlare By Ian Pye
  4. CloudFlare Flexible SSL by iControlWP


Step Number 2:

Register and Set up a Stripe Account

Sign up there.

Top right corner of the screen click your account name.

Go to account settings.

Then to API keys and save them for the upcoming part.


Step Number 3:

Linking Both Woocommerce and Stripe

  1. WordPress dashboard > woo commerce > settings
  2. select checkout
  3. Select Stripe
  4. Enable Stripe
  5. Fill Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key
  6. Capture card immediately enabled
  7. Enable payment via Saved Cards Enabled
  8. Hit Save


Step Number 4: 

Setting up CloudFlare

Sign up is the first.

Once you set all up then follow the next step and make sure it’s ready for SSL.


Step Number 5: 

CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

  1. Settings > Cloudflare
  2. Insert your domain name
  3. Insert your Cloudflare API Key
  4.  my settings > API KEY > Global API KEY
  5. Email address
  6. Enable HTTPS



Your website should be able to take credit card payments over SSL + Stripe at no additional cost of plugins or paying your host for an SSL.


Not that hard task, nowadays payment gateways charge too much.



So there is a payment gateway named InstaMojo is also a free payment gateway.

There are some more too but according to me, InstaMojo is safe.

So here was a simple and easy guide for payment gateway installation on your WordPress site developed on Woocommerce.

Hope you like this type of content too.

Let me know in the comments below which Payment gateway you use the most.

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How to Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website


How Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website?

Everybody has enabled blog subscription system.

But as per technology advancement, we find something new every day.

So with further updates, there are always new ways to notify your readers of the latest post or important updates from your blog.

Today I’ll be talking about push notification service for your WordPress i.e PushEngage.

Supports other platforms like e-commerce sites, BlogSpot and  much more.

Push notification service gives you another subscription option to your readers.

PushEngage is an awesome service that allows you to send push notifications.


Now Follow the tutorial below,


How to increase traffic through push notification

It supports chrome and safari on mobile or desktop.

First, create an account  PushEngage over here.

Free one allows you 120 push messages per month for 2500 subscribers.

Then after subscription add your blog logo and name.


Go to Plugins > Add New and search for PushEngage > Install >activate the plugin.

Click on PushEngage > Dashboard.

To activate you need the API Key from your account.


push engage


After activtion configure the subscription settings.

Go to Settings > Installation Settings & add your logo.

Adding logo is necessary for identification of your brand.


Dialogue box settings

Here you will configure what your readers or users will see.

Safari style box  or single step option is what i use.

Then click on the Send Notification to send a custom push message anytime.


GMC Settings 

It’s very important to create GMC account.

Click on the link because using this documentation it will make the process easier.

Here are some stats for push notification from shoutmeloud.




Don’t send too many notifications to your readers in one go or short period.

Register for PushEngage

So that’s it for today and thank you for following me till here.

Let me know how was your experience with it.

If you know any other tool (plugin) let me know.