How To Choose Themes For WordPress On Themeforest

Determining or choosing an appropriate theme is very important for a website on WordPress.

But on ThemeForest, there are tons of theme.

So now how to choose an appropriate one from all of them?

That’s the topic we are gonna talk about.



Finding relevant theme from search filters

There are over 11000 WordPress themes on themeforest to choose from which makes it difficult to determine.

How to do it:

At left filter your search with an particular criteria




After doing this you can use the search bar to find or search specifically.

Using this you can cut down or narrow down your results.

It does not end at just finding a theme with the design and purpose that you like.

You have to observe carefully that is it really the best option for your WordPress site.



 Theme Check will help to check your themes 

It is the part of

Here theme review team runs a check based on the theme.

You can upload a ZIP file to check


if someone has checked it its code is in the past

I’ll recommend you to check it before purchasing it


theme check

Pro tip: It’s always good for a theme to meet both WordPress and Envato’s standards.


Read comments and reviews before purchasing 


You can read comments from the people who have already purchased it.

For more authentic review read a response of a web developer, this will surely give you a good idea about the theme.

Every time you see a theme it has been rated from zero to five.

It’s not the main thing but a nice way to start.




And also pay attention to number of reviews

There are many themes that have five stars but only have two to three reviews.

You should consider at least ten plus review theme.

Theme with at least 4.5 rating.


For example:


Also, keep an eye on how may sales that particular theme has.

Demo of the theme is a nice way to look and it will give you an idea that how will it look.

Last date updated: WordPress is always changing if your theme doesn’t have regular update it might create a problem.

( it should be updated once in a six month )



These above tips will surely help you to buy theme more accurately.

And will surely give success to your website.

Find a theme which looks great and engages people well.

That’s it for now, thank you for following me till here.



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