Chrome Apps And Extensions For Marketers (Chrome Extensions)

Everyone wants something which helps them in saving time.

There are some freemium, premium tools to get you started.

Helping in the advancement of your business.

This is where Google Chrome apps and extensions come in.


Number 1: Grammarly Chrome Extension

It is one of the most recommended extension.

You will find it in most of the extension guide blogs.


It will check your tweets before your post them, correct your spelling in emails, find typos you made when writing a comment on a post, etc.

You don’t need to copy and paste texts to proofread them.

The extension will do it all on the go, and it’s really helpful.


Number 2: Check My Links


This tool helps you to reveal all broken links in your long text.

A must use to refurbish your old content.

It highlights the working links with green color and highlights broken links with red color.


Number 3: Email Tracker


It notifies you of your email reads.

Who opened the message, how many times it was viewed, and how much time spent.



Number 4: Topvisor




It numbers the listing and displays it rank by rank.

Instead of counting one after another you can just take a look at the number.

It is easy and quick.


Number 5: Majestic Backlink Analyzer


It tells you the page strength based on backlink data.

Majestic scans the page and then tells you the detail.


Number 6: Conspire

Very powerful one in influencer marketing.

It shows the best path to connect with a person- be it on Linkedin, Gmail.



Number 7: Stay Focused

It blocks all websites that keep you distracted (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or allow to spend a preset amount of time browsing them.



These extensions will surely help you in your work.

They are small and extremely helpful in minimizing your work.

But to manage all these you need an extension manager.


Here it for you.

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