Use Of Content Marketing For E-commerce And Other Businesses

Great content  can help to increase your revenue.

Wondering how to make your customers feel the connection ?

It begins with all your content as said before content is the king.


Poor content , you’re about to fail 

You can boost your traffic with the help of content creation .


Around 70% of the customers will get an idea about your business form an article or an ad.

Only half of half or may be less traffic is returned in most of the cases.

But a study also shows that a customer visits up to 5  times .

content marketing  is a great  funnel strategy to connect customers who have visited your ecommerce store for the first time.


Sales Funnel


There are three basic stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

Each and every step or stage is different form each other.

It is very very important for you to create an content which is suitable for your audience.

In first stage (awareness) the customer is not ready to buy.

To built brand awareness or engaging with then can be done by content marketing.


Content marketing strategy looks like this

content marketing stratergy

It seems simple but its not like that,means its not a piece of cake.

The best way to earn a good revenue is to understand about potential customers.

Have a doubt?

we gonna clear it out.


It’s not an easy task to create an appropriate content

every single minute massive amount of content is created and published.

Facebook has 3.3 million posts in a minute  

what happens in sixty sec

To succeed you need a plan first.

Determine the topics and learn how to put them on.

How to develop ideas

  • Ask your customers what they like to know more about
  • Hang out with business related groups or start your own
  • Read books available on this topic
  • Listen to podcasts
  • YouTube videos are also helpful most of the times.

So a study shows that

  • Getting the word out
  • Bring the value of entertainment
  • A sense of fulfilment
  • To grow and nourish personal relationship

are the following reasons for share of your content by people.

They generally

  • Tag other people
  • Share something
  • Share their opinions and involve themselves in a debatable issue.
  • Trending topics of celebs and news are more likely to be clicked.

content creators


Some analytics by buzzsumo


Forms of creating  :

  • Blogs/Article
  • Ads
  • E-books
  • Podcasts
  • Some offline creation
  • Videos

You know what more than 70% of data by 2020 will be used in video streaming.

Viral videos is an incredible way to build traffic.



Be sure that you are reaching a huge audience

By :  Directly on your e-commerce

Through social media

Through bulk sms/mail

The return of investment more often known as ROI  by mails is more than 3,500%

For e-commerce on shopify- email button makes it simple.

Some of the additional ideas maybe.


Newsletter,Campaigns,Discount offers,Cart reminder.

Email marketing very much more effective than FB ads.

There is only 10% reach but email has almost 100%.


Facebook live statics

fb live stats

If done properly and with a proper plan it can be very effective.


Crisp should be always there in your content

In an research companies which publish 16 or more blogs on monthly basis receive 3-4x more traffic than less active companies.


inbound traffic

The company size doesn’t matter.More you post the more traffic you earn.


Impact of Monthly blog posts


blog posts

Still great strategy for building traffic the above is the proof is you were in doubt.

Impact of Total Blog Posts on inbound traffic by Size of the company


inbound traffic by company size

More traffic means more leads.


Retargeting is essential


Retargeting is  very essential for more information click here



So whats the Top Secret Cross Selling Formula ?


wanna create urgency use these tips

  • Limited period offer
  • Limited edition
  • Going quick

There are number of tactics of increasing sales,there is an advance guide for helping you.



High quality content to boost your traffic

Atleast 16 posts per month

Have a  amazing strategy

Social share and retweets also help

Email marketing is considered one of the best way to reach audience

These all steps and stats will surely help you to generate more revenue.




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