Get Hired: How To Built Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional network.

A network which when leveraged properly could land that dream job or get you your next client.

It is one of the fastest growing platforms currently.

Growing faster than expected.

Now crossed their Two Hundred Million users mark.

It’s time that you understand its importance and time LinkedIn profile and set things straight.


So Let’s Get Started

Profile Photo is very important and make sure it looks professional and good.

You in this internet world get judged by others through your profile photo.

There’s a lot of difference between a Facebook profile picture and a LinkedIn profile picture.

You wouldn’t want a bad photo of yourself on your online resume.

Stop lying and adding irrelevant experiences, if you don’t have much experienced resume built one instead of faking.


Use Of Profile URL LinkedIn gives you a unique link.

Which you should use.

Joining Groups 

linkedIN groups

These are must to build the network and show your own content.

Build a strong community and engage with them.

Built Connections, it has a feature called ‘connections’.

Like we have friends on facebook.

Add people you know, work for or work with.

Share content with them, make use of reply to’s with ‘@’ tag.

Never forget the status updates and other must needed updates.


Create you’re own content and post/share regularly.

Create engaging content and share them with your connections.

Give attention to your “Recommended”

Recommendations are the backbone.

Give attention to them you might find anything useful.

Leader: Become a leader

You should assert your leadership and authority in your niche.

  • Start a Group

Where people can discuss ideas and topics.

It will keep you’re network engaging.

Then analyze connections and understand the need.

  • Q&A 

Make most of this one.

By participating in these types of discussions, you can guide and become a leader.


So that’s it for today.

Thank You for staying till here.

Do You  Use LinkedIn?

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