How To Add Pop Up Form On Your WordPress Site

WordPress Popups are great to generate leads

But on a condition of using it correctly.

So let’s start,

We have to use a plugin for it.

If you search on the WordPress you will find many as popup plugins.

Today I am going to talk about  ‘popup maker’

This is the plugin for a popup on your WordPress website.

These popup windows can contain any custom content you like.


It gives you the ability to add a wide range of content types to them, including text, images, videos, links, and buttons, and many more.

Popup Maker plugin is free to use.

So go to your WordPress dashboard > navigate to plugins > add new plugins > type Popup Maker in the search field


Popup Maker

After installing it can be accessed directly from the sidebar.

Click on add new item.

Then start creating your popup.


You can also add any custom content that you would add to a regular WordPress post.

This includes text,  images, video and more.


After adding your content you can get a preview so that you can get an idea.

You can also specify where on your site the popup should be displayed.


You can also set up the size of the window.

Also, you can use different animation effects to make it of your own style.

After deciding the layout this free plugin gives you the ability to display the popups after a chosen amount of time has passed since the page has been loaded.

You can change the appearance of the popup and its free.

You also have the option of purchasing the unlimited themes add-on.

Allows you to create multiple themes for use on the different popups on a website.



It is free and an important plugin.

You should use it correctly and with a mature frequency and animation.

Sometimes too much edit and animation ruein the popup.

So that its for today.

Comment for any questions and don’t forget to give your thoughts.




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