How to Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website

How Add Push Notifications To Your WordPress Website?

Everybody has enabled blog subscription system.

But as per technology advancement, we find something new every day.

So with further updates, there are always new ways to notify your readers of the latest post or important updates from your blog.

Today I’ll be talking about push notification service for your WordPress i.e PushEngage.

Supports other platforms like e-commerce sites, BlogSpot and  much more.

Push notification service gives you another subscription option to your readers.

PushEngage is an awesome service that allows you to send push notifications.


Now Follow the tutorial below,


How to increase traffic through push notification

It supports chrome and safari on mobile or desktop.

First, create an account  PushEngage over here.

Free one allows you 120 push messages per month for 2500 subscribers.

Then after subscription add your blog logo and name.


Go to Plugins > Add New and search for PushEngage > Install >activate the plugin.

Click on PushEngage > Dashboard.

To activate you need the API Key from your account.


push engage


After activtion configure the subscription settings.

Go to Settings > Installation Settings & add your logo.

Adding logo is necessary for identification of your brand.


Dialogue box settings

Here you will configure what your readers or users will see.

Safari style box  or single step option is what i use.

Then click on the Send Notification to send a custom push message anytime.


GMC Settings 

It’s very important to create GMC account.

Click on the link because using this documentation it will make the process easier.

Here are some stats for push notification from shoutmeloud.




Don’t send too many notifications to your readers in one go or short period.

Register for PushEngage

So that’s it for today and thank you for following me till here.

Let me know how was your experience with it.

If you know any other tool (plugin) let me know.


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