How To Grow Your Facebook Group And Get New Customers

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and there is no reason to put your hands into it.

This year statistics show that over a billion people members of Facebook groups.

So today I am going to tell you How To Grow Your Facebook Group And Get New Customers.

Facebook group for Customer Care Service

A Facebook group may be ideal for connecting your customers for service.

It is also ideal for getting customer response.

I do not mean to replace your customer service department but the group might help you more.

They might help you to understand your customer more clearly.


Facebook group for marketing

In the last few years, Facebook groups have better engagement rates and higher organic reach so it is important to use it as a marketing platform.

Users get a notification everytime someone posts in the group.


So many of you will be thinking about the difference between Facebook Group and Facebook Page.



After deciding what’s good for you and what not you go with it and strategize accordingly.

Receiving  Feedback From Facebook Groups

Groups are great ways to see your customer feedback directly.

With the help of this, you will get an idea that how is the audience response with your new product too.


But how to grow your group?

Intercom:  Sending a message to our users with Intercom was the first step we took towards reaching our goal.




Reach them on messenger 

Direct contact is very useful and the customer also feels that you care about them.

Tag them, interact with them 

Ask questions, find out what they need and give your best service.

Don’t make it about you, Ask questions, Ensure you’re there to help, Don’t set too many rules.



Facebook groups are worthy of your time and will surely help you grow if you use them well.

Don’t just go for the numbers, target your users to have the audience you want.

The steps above will surely help you.


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