How To Optimize And Take Pictures Of Your E-commerce

Around fifty one per cent of people like to conduct their shopping with e-commerce, according to DigitalCommerce360.

Your E-commerce images can make or break your conversions images are everything.

According to Statista, the net revenue of sales for Amazon in 2017 was 177.87 billion dollars.

Yes, that’s billion, not million.


amazon stats

It will cover half of the E-commerce sales by 2021.

Just amazon alone to all the other stores combined.


You can order products with a single click and have them delivered on the same day with Amazon Prime Now.

The experience with it is easy with no hassle as it has an easy return.

Free shipping and often lower products make it different from other E-commerce.

People still love the traditional retail experience of going to stores to test items before buying.

You don’t have to wait for a product to be delivered only for it to be a bust and not fit or work.

Simple returns and direct contact of customers to owners most of the time.

Has connected customers to traditional shopping.

When it comes to good e-commerce product shots, you know one when you see it and yes they are powerful.


go pro 

look at the above shot you would love to see it on landing page rather than just normal photos.


These photos really convey a message to us.

First, the size or east use of it as it is so compact.

Second, app to connect your footage to your phone.

E-commerce photos are more than just product shots.

But hiring a professional for this kind of shoot can be expensive.

Now what?

You can take amazing pictures with your smartphone or a standard digital camera.


Tripod: Invest in a flexible tripod to capture angles, gorilla tripod is what I suggest.

Light: Invest in lightning so that you can look professional.

use both artificial an natural according to product.

But it can make a huge difference in some products

So it’s upon you how to use it.


Use sweep



Optimizing your e-commerce images for organic search

  • Use compression tools for optimisation an speed.
  • Optimize your file names and alt text
  • Test your photos (Consumer behaviour shifts. People change. Opinions are always advancing)

E-commerce product photos are critical to success, take the best product shots you can.



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