How To Use Google Analytics For Better Remarketing And New Audience

How To Use Google Analytics For Better Remarketing And New Audience

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Remarketing is a cunning pathway to connect with audience to your website who may not have made an purchase. It allows us to position targeted ads in front of a specific audience that had visited your website.


On majority of sites,more than 90% of visitors leave without converting.

But for the first time visitors the numbers are even more worse than above only 2-3% visiters convert on their first visit.

It dosen’t matter what your (website) goal are ,these numbers are really worse.

And that’s when the remarketing/retargetting takes an entry.

It is considered one of the best way to avoid customers.

But considering a fact that it should be done correctly to make the best outcome bloom.

One of the best way to analyse your data and understand your more is Google Analytics.

It gives a pathway for in-depth information about ads,campaigns and many more.

So if you aren’t using it yet this is the time now and this post will surely help you out.


How to create audience


To understand it better firsr let us know what is an audience-An audience might include everyone who has visited your site, just users who have registered, or users who have abandoned their shopping carts.

It is not that complicated as it seem to you.

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These  attributes allow advertisers to modify ads in real time.

If you want to create an campaign which aims to target all your customers,mostly it includes the users who have made a puschase on your website.

For example, you need an ad campaign in hope of earning new customers.

so then,you need to create an audience segment who have visited but yet not purchased any thing.

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This is the way on you can rely on and make your efforts to generate trust that it is worth buying from your website.

This form my side is an excellent way to reach your targeted customers and audience.

So,if you are willing to start you can use Analytics or Adwords.

Here in this article we’ll focus on reaching and creating audience with Google Analytics.

To Get Started

  • navigate to “Admin” page of analytics.
  • select  “Audience Defination”audiences for analytics
  • click +New Audience

google analytics

Google recommended makes it easy to create.

Some of the Google’s recommendations


  • Smart List : This feature is used to determine the audience which is most likely to convert.It takes help of Locations,session duration,and few more things.
  • New Users: Includes audience which has visited only once (your site).
  • Returning Users : Includes audience which has visited your site more than once or visiting frequently.
  • Who have visited a specific pages of your website : Include audience who have visited particular section of your site.
  • Who have completed a transaction : Only available for e-commerce site owners.Targets all users who have made a purchase on you site in past time.

If none of the above meets your need,you can custom your audience with audience builder.


This option takes much more time as compare to others but it’s worth your time as it gives more control over your audience.

It’s important to analyse your goal and work according to it if not then the best way can be the worst way.

Once you are done with creating an audience,Analyse it up to 30 days,make report and take next step according to the final results.



Remarketing campaings for new audience or customers

So now you have got new audience

that’s great!

But It’s only useful if you know what to do with it.

the useful thing is that it segregates audience according to behaviour and conversions.

Now let us take a look to different audiences and how to respond according to needs.



Plot 1 : Superior performance by audience

If this happens this should click your mind and make you understand that they’re one of the most valuable users.

so you need a different budget for these type of audience and run ads accordingly.

Now,you don’t have to settle down for this “better audience” if it can be “best” and might convert into “great” but for that it’s the time for major hustle and multiply your profits.

Yes it’s true that all will not convert into customers.

But it’s worth your time and efforts.


Plot 2 : Inferior audience but high conversions 

It can also happen that the audience numbers are less but number of conversions are high.

Here you don’t have to limit you ad.

A feature name similar audiences by google may help you.


Plot 3 : An audience acting rotten

When you notice this, you should react immediatly.

You have to set a new budget and make changes on your past campaign and other marketing strategy.



The task for generating new customer is not an easy go.

Prosperously,Remarketing makes it possible to make more conversions and multiply your profits.

So to achive desired goal it requires vital targeting.

Custom options help to get into more detail.

By focusing on behaviour of your audience you should create ads and campaign accordingly.

With each and every improvement you”ll become more successful and convert visitors to customers.





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