Tips To Improve Your WordPress Site And Optimisation

Your website takes too much time to load?

Website look’s untidy?

You need to fix it up as soon as possible.

If not then you will surely start losing traffic.

So let’s go!


You should always keep your dashboard clean and website too.


Publish or delete your comments do not keep tons of numbers left.

Uninstall unused themes, Update your theme when an update is available.

Update your plugins when the update is available.




It is very important because these hackers get access to your site, they can mess up all.

The plugin like Backup Buddy or your host can look after it for backup because anything can be hacked if the hacker wants.


Choose a strong Password so that normal ones cannot access.



Faster your site is, the more money it will generate.

Slow Loading is a bane to you.

Under 2 seconds is excellent, 5-7 seconds is also not acceptable and over 7 seconds is horrible.

But how to optimize?



Go long term, not short term:

WordPress is not that expensive so you should invest in some like:

  • A dedicated WordPress managed hosting provider
  • A great looking theme
  • If possible get the premium version of themes possible.



Basics: Get them right

They are the base and everything depends on that.

If they lack there are chances that you might lose.


SEO Basics:

Yoast SEO will surely help you in content as well as planning readability.

Backlinks, Permalinks, Focus keyword, and much more should be clear to you.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips You Must Know To Grow Your Site

To learn it online or offline you can visit us.




  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Basics
  • SEO
  • Long Term
  • Investment


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