How To Increase Instagram Followers : For Beginners

In this blog post we will cover some of the current techniques to increase followers on Instagram.

How many users of Instagram

  • Around 32% of internet users use Instagram.
  • And majority of them are in age group of 18 to 29.


Analyze your audience

First ask these to yourself

                                         Age group of audience

                                          Location of the audience



when you look and answer all the question it will be easy for you to find and create content.


Identify Hashtags


For instagram its (hashtag) the root.There are different types of hashtag one is good other is bad.

Bad ones are like : #like4like, #followforfollow, etc…

Good hashtags analyse qualities of product.

Tips : Tag for location,Post.

Own hashtag line

Tag for brand as whole

Can be successful to increase your reach. Some are very popular like #TBT(throwbackthursday) , #mondaymotivation,etc…


Advertise with people and pages who have similar aim of audience

Identify and then collaborate with similar aimed companies for business revenue growth with an advantage of brand awareness too.

You promote for them and they promote for you and the chain benefits all.

It’s an amazing way to exchange the sets of users and audience.


Run contest on Instagram

People love contest,here you can give offers to few and on other hand ask them to tag few friends and like,follow the profile.

To keep in mind : Have a defined date and content.

Make it easy to participate

Keep contest vital


Create new content on regular basis 

For best and fast results follow what’s trending and post about it everyday or in regular intervals.

  • Use quotes as they are in trend for a long time. Example : “Hustle”, ”Never Ever Quit” and many more.


  • Posts video as video marketing is blooming day by day and have good engagement potential.


  •  Use your photography skills for making your profile look great.


  •  Give uneatable discounts and offers for brand awareness and growing revenue.


Free gifts for advertisement

Give promoters a free good for their work which will on other hand increase your popularity and may be revenue too.


Develop a group or team for handling

The tasks above are time consuming and need regular attention and updates.

You might need some people to to tasks fast .

video and photography is not a piece of cake and require a lot of creativity,you might need some mates to help you out.



  • Regular posts
  • Quality content
  • Patience after putting efforts
  • Use of Hashtags
  • Catch the trend


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