Increase Your Conversion Rate With Your Website Design

A great website design delivers a seamless experience toward achieving your goal.

An easy-to-use website design is instrumental in increasing your conversion rates.

So how to do it?

First thing is that you should understand your visitors.

It totally depends on understanding.

You have to understand your audience or customers deeply.

And that is the most important thing.

Different cultures and conditions affect your business.

You have to work according to the audience condition and if needed you might need to sanitize your product too.

Website design and content have to address the expectations and behaviors of your target audience.


Understanding of their behaviors, expectations, and knowledge gaps, you can then design a website that’s easy to use for them.


Understand human mind


This heat map shows you where the human brain focuses more.

Need to understand it more?

Use F or Z pattern to the placement of your elements to work with natural eye movement.


The most important thing is the first two paragraph.

Write your best in the first two.

Images and bold colors with good contrast are good for reader’s attention.

Apply the rule of thirds :



Visitors should get what they want

Most of the people were found to have an attention span of 8 seconds.

This study was done by Microsoft.


Visitors land on your website and can’t find what they’re looking for within the first few seconds.

So show them what they need to know about your business.

‘Knowledge gap’ keep them in mind

Use simple things like giving an instruction of “The password must be at least 8 characters”

And much more simple stuff to make them understand better.




More than 75% of consumers say that the design of the website is what it makes easy to find what they want.

Reducing clutter on your website

Cater to your repeat customers

Bring location into the mix


So that’s it for today.

thank you for staying up till here.


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