Guide To Install Payment Gateway On WooCommerce Site

So you are looking for an all sorts of solutions to get stripe payment gateway to work on your website.

Today the guide for

FREE functioning stripe payment gateway with- No Coding Needed.



Step Number 1:

Installing and Activating the following plugins

  1. Woocommerce
  2. Woocommerce Stripe Gateway by Automattic
  3. CloudFlare By Ian Pye
  4. CloudFlare Flexible SSL by iControlWP


Step Number 2:

Register and Set up a Stripe Account

Sign up there.

Top right corner of the screen click your account name.

Go to account settings.

Then to API keys and save them for the upcoming part.


Step Number 3:

Linking Both Woocommerce and Stripe

  1. WordPress dashboard > woo commerce > settings
  2. select checkout
  3. Select Stripe
  4. Enable Stripe
  5. Fill Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key
  6. Capture card immediately enabled
  7. Enable payment via Saved Cards Enabled
  8. Hit Save


Step Number 4: 

Setting up CloudFlare

Sign up is the first.

Once you set all up then follow the next step and make sure it’s ready for SSL.


Step Number 5: 

CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

  1. Settings > Cloudflare
  2. Insert your domain name
  3. Insert your Cloudflare API Key
  4.  my settings > API KEY > Global API KEY
  5. Email address
  6. Enable HTTPS



Your website should be able to take credit card payments over SSL + Stripe at no additional cost of plugins or paying your host for an SSL.


Not that hard task, nowadays payment gateways charge too much.



So there is a payment gateway named InstaMojo is also a free payment gateway.

There are some more too but according to me, InstaMojo is safe.

So here was a simple and easy guide for payment gateway installation on your WordPress site developed on Woocommerce.

Hope you like this type of content too.

Let me know in the comments below which Payment gateway you use the most.

Thank you for staying up till here.

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