iPhone X Tesla- Solar Powered Phone?

Solar Powered Phone?

Caviar, a Russian company has put on their new technology.

This is iPhone that can be charged entirely with sunlight.

Surface contains a solar battery and as the sunlight reach

the surface containing a solar battery, photons get bombarded and produce electrical current.

Company has done over a hundred tests proving the quality and safety of the system.

The technology has taken part on an iPhone X and it is obviously

thicker than the regular one.

The price is as follows 64 GB model  at 4,500 USD

256 GB at 4,800 (according to sources)

It takes 30 hours to fill the battery completely.

This is a very limited device.

And comes with a luxurious box with a leather finish over the box.

Authenticity certification also comes with it.

A headphone set.

Magnetic Cable to charge the phone without sun.

The device is bigger and heavier but it looks like an innovation.

It seems to be an overpriced one but it is a luxury for some.

Solar Powered Phone

This device works same as an iPhone X.

The first device made will go to Tesla founder Elon Musk.



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