How To Built Your Marketing Career- Few Tips For You

I am sure that you might have watched videos and read books on Marketing Career.

Well, you must be knowing that if you wanna go big the degree isn’t enough.

Marketing field’s expected growth is 10% by 2026.

You can’t afford to not get savvy with those rules.

There are a few tricks you can use against the competition.


1. Improve your communication

Basics never change no matter how much the technology change.

Dominating basics will surely lead you to success.

It doesn’t matter what new technology comes tomorrow, your basic communication skills are always in demand and needed everywhere.


And the good news is that another survey shows that technical skills are more important than computer specific skills.


computer skills employers want

How do you develop your fundamental communication skills?

To become a better communicator you should practice as much as possible and especially give importance to write more.


This site might help you out


ebooks from copyblogger


Tools like Grammarly are very useful.

Nowadays so many marketers, writers use this to check.

They have a chrome extension too which is a good thing.

It will show you advanced errors if you’re a premium user but free version also give you enough support.



2. Content Creation Separates You From Competition


demand for skills within digital marketing


You can follow examples like

  • Tim Soulo
  • Ann Handley

to get an idea about content writing.




3. Portfolio: Grow it

More than 64% of employers were perfering candidates with some work experience.


hiring preferences with work experience


If you are getting into the marketing field through school, internet or anywhere you need experience in order to get more.


Go out work and make a difference in your career and move out from the rat race.


4. Data: Go Big With It


They help professionals make better decisions and acquire new customers.

It’s 2018 now and you have to go big with data.

You can do courses from Coursera.

Many courses provide videos and videos are easy to understand than just reading. is acquired by LinkedIn and consists of videos and other guides.

Skillshare provides e-learning for everything from design to data science to advanced marketing.


These were some great platform to learn.



In this fast running world expectations of experts are growing rapidly.

Focus on dominating your fundamental communication skills.

Content is always the king.

Create content for other industry blogs or use publications on Medium to give your name authority.

Networking is still a vital part.

Data skills are in demand work on them.


What type of strategies you use?

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