Mobile Search Engine Optimization Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Efforts

Search Engine Optimization is an trendy topic always on the web.

Google’s webmaster is in always fighting for traffic.

Greater the quality of content,more the audience you attract hence more chances of conversion,increase in rate of revenue and more ROI.

Blogging,content marketing,affiliated marketing,social media the challenge is  is same with with different strategies.

Today’s world of digital marketing mobile marketing is becoming huge day by day.

If  anyone of you are not paying attention to traffic generated with the help of mobile you my friend doing it wrong.

More and more people today are engaging in smartphone and social media.

And mobile is taking over the web or in other words the internet.

53% of users are from mobile 42% form desktop and 5% is from tablet.

So now lets talk about Mobile Search Engine Optimization MISTAKES…



Mistake 1 : Website And Pages Load Slowly And Lags


If your loading speed is slow then frustrate your audience and give an bad negative impact.

Your website should load within 5 seconds,otherwise its slow and will surely effect your ROI.


If your site take too long your visitors will leave before they see anything and effect your pocket.

And google itself do not give priorities to slow loading pages and websites.

Tips :



Mistake 2 : Snippets Are Not Wealthy



Those extra info  like star ratings are rich.

Snippets are not given much priorities while Search Engine Optimization

But spending a bit time with it is worth and really help in ranking.

Google give priorities to snippets and reward these extra information.

WordPress has snippet plugins which are very helpful.



Mistake 3 Lack Of Creativity And Responsiveness In Design


“A responsive design simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device.

So,google like you site if it’s responsive and if you don’t have responsive design you might miss to ranked top.

You will loose traffic due to lack of creativity too.

If your content is not managed properly and not easy to excess might lead to decrease in customers.

But on the other hand if you’re site is organised properly,east to excess and do not have lags or unnecessary  designs you might have an extra advantage in rankings.



Mistake 4  Multimedia Problems


To make your site and blogs attractive multimedia is the best option but sometimes over usage and note analyzing the storage creates the problem.

Problems  occurs when audience suddenly view a video on an unsupported platform.

Solution for this is google advice.

Make sure your video is supported on mobile as well as desktop for better results.





Mobile marketing is a good way to increase traffic and generate revenue but for that it should be done with a plan and proper analytics.

Have responsive website

Use rich plugins

Post frequently

Use tips in the article to get improvement in rankings and traffic.


What things do you do to improve your mobile SEO? What are your suggestions.

Let me hear you in the comment section below.


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