Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business And Reputation


Social Media Mistakes

To boost reach, leads, traffic, generate revenue social media is one of the best platforms. But if not used properly it can ruin your business.

It has so much potential and it’s very important to make most out of it.

So let’s start…


Not Giving Attention To Negative Feedback




Negative’s are common and they are very important and should be taken seriously.

Here it’s you’re chance to get better and make your customers happy by listening to your flaws and working on them.

Most of the brands delete their negative comment instead of avoiding you should use them as opportunities to shape your business.

And yes giving attention doesn’t mean working on stupid ideas you have to figure out on what you have to work to save time and money.



Posting Too Much On One Go

It can be irritating and very boring to see someone posting too much and all the posts you see on your timeline is of one single person or business.

You should be posting regularly but after a decided interval, if not you are likely to be unfollowed and that’s not good for your business and reputation.

Maintain a calendar and post 2-3 post on one platform a day.

Keep an eye on results and change plan according to it.


Using Irrelevant Hashtags




One of the most common mistake is using irrelevant hashtags. If there is no relation between content and hashtags you’ll gonna pay for it.

Using irrelevant ones will surely not get you desired results and revenue.

Hagtags are very very  effective in engaging people and creating brand awareness.

For help look up different other sites and try to use those hashtags if they are relevant to your content.


Working On Too Many Social Networks At Once





Use one or two platforms in one go. Instead of all of them try  to focus on few and analyse the result.

Change plans according to results and be updated.

Once you build yourself a brand it will be a lot easier.



Using the above tips will surely help out you’re business.

Do it in a wise manner and listen to your customer’s feedback.

Treat all the customers same and keep a good relation with them


So that’s it for now, good luck.



How To Use Google Analytics For Better Remarketing And New Audience


How To Use Google Analytics For Better Remarketing And New Audience

business graph

Remarketing is a cunning pathway to connect with audience to your website who may not have made an purchase. It allows us to position targeted ads in front of a specific audience that had visited your website.


On majority of sites,more than 90% of visitors leave without converting.

But for the first time visitors the numbers are even more worse than above only 2-3% visiters convert on their first visit.

It dosen’t matter what your (website) goal are ,these numbers are really worse.

And that’s when the remarketing/retargetting takes an entry.

It is considered one of the best way to avoid customers.

But considering a fact that it should be done correctly to make the best outcome bloom.

One of the best way to analyse your data and understand your more is Google Analytics.

It gives a pathway for in-depth information about ads,campaigns and many more.

So if you aren’t using it yet this is the time now and this post will surely help you out.


How to create audience


To understand it better firsr let us know what is an audience-An audience might include everyone who has visited your site, just users who have registered, or users who have abandoned their shopping carts.

It is not that complicated as it seem to you.

google analyticssource

These  attributes allow advertisers to modify ads in real time.

If you want to create an campaign which aims to target all your customers,mostly it includes the users who have made a puschase on your website.

For example, you need an ad campaign in hope of earning new customers.

so then,you need to create an audience segment who have visited but yet not purchased any thing.

google analytics option

This is the way on you can rely on and make your efforts to generate trust that it is worth buying from your website.

This form my side is an excellent way to reach your targeted customers and audience.

So,if you are willing to start you can use Analytics or Adwords.

Here in this article we’ll focus on reaching and creating audience with Google Analytics.

To Get Started

  • navigate to “Admin” page of analytics.
  • select  “Audience Defination”audiences for analytics
  • click +New Audience

google analytics

Google recommended makes it easy to create.

Some of the Google’s recommendations


  • Smart List : This feature is used to determine the audience which is most likely to convert.It takes help of Locations,session duration,and few more things.
  • New Users: Includes audience which has visited only once (your site).
  • Returning Users : Includes audience which has visited your site more than once or visiting frequently.
  • Who have visited a specific pages of your website : Include audience who have visited particular section of your site.
  • Who have completed a transaction : Only available for e-commerce site owners.Targets all users who have made a purchase on you site in past time.

If none of the above meets your need,you can custom your audience with audience builder.


This option takes much more time as compare to others but it’s worth your time as it gives more control over your audience.

It’s important to analyse your goal and work according to it if not then the best way can be the worst way.

Once you are done with creating an audience,Analyse it up to 30 days,make report and take next step according to the final results.



Remarketing campaings for new audience or customers

So now you have got new audience

that’s great!

But It’s only useful if you know what to do with it.

the useful thing is that it segregates audience according to behaviour and conversions.

Now let us take a look to different audiences and how to respond according to needs.



Plot 1 : Superior performance by audience

If this happens this should click your mind and make you understand that they’re one of the most valuable users.

so you need a different budget for these type of audience and run ads accordingly.

Now,you don’t have to settle down for this “better audience” if it can be “best” and might convert into “great” but for that it’s the time for major hustle and multiply your profits.

Yes it’s true that all will not convert into customers.

But it’s worth your time and efforts.


Plot 2 : Inferior audience but high conversions 

It can also happen that the audience numbers are less but number of conversions are high.

Here you don’t have to limit you ad.

A feature name similar audiences by google may help you.


Plot 3 : An audience acting rotten

When you notice this, you should react immediatly.

You have to set a new budget and make changes on your past campaign and other marketing strategy.



The task for generating new customer is not an easy go.

Prosperously,Remarketing makes it possible to make more conversions and multiply your profits.

So to achive desired goal it requires vital targeting.

Custom options help to get into more detail.

By focusing on behaviour of your audience you should create ads and campaign accordingly.

With each and every improvement you”ll become more successful and convert visitors to customers.





Rank Your E-commerce Even When It’s Filled With Duplicate Content


In 2003 Google told us that around 25-30 %  of the content on  internet was duplicate.

Nowadays you need a passive approach to get ranked on google with your duplicate page.

Here in this blog post i will show you a map to rank your page even if it contain duplicate content.


What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.



Do you most of the SEO experts tell there are only three main issues for engines.

1.  It makes challenging for google to know which version of the page to index.

2. strengths of backlinks

3. Confuse google to rank which page on searches.




Here is the  amazon listing



snapshot of ebay



thermos ebay


In the Highlighted part these two reputed site have identical product content.

Is it possible,how can these two sites highly rank when they have identical content?

They choose the “best” page version.If you have similar products that target different customers you will find yourself prone to this issue.


Focus on creating unique pages where possible

According to Google’s John Mueller, in instances of copy-pasted content, Google will “try to help you by just picking one and showing that.

It’s now how we wanted it to go

If you don’t want this to happen the only solution is to built and create unique pages.


Keep your URL Tidy

Examples just to understand my words better.


An programmer or developer will say it’s all one page.

but google bot will say these all are different duplicate pages.

Google Webmaster Tool might help you out.


Pin Down Your Keyword

As e commerce experts say pinning keywords and optimization of parallel pages is an easy way to boost your search engine.




Unique web pages is the best bet

Handle pages and parallel pages correctly

Tidy URL and optimization

Help of Web Master Tool

Follow these steps and these will help you to to rank your page.But always remember  content is the King.




Mega List : Affiliate Networks For Affiliate Programs


You will learn the top affiliate marketplaces used by Affilates to earn millions.

An exclusive  list of top marketplaces which you should join now for generating revenue.

Here you go :

1 Amazon Affiliate Program

2 Growsumo

3 ShareAsale

4 Clickbank

5 ImpactRadius


Amazon Affiliate Program


Amazon Affiliate



Top affiliate list is always in complete with Amazon Affiliate Program.It is a tremendous opportunity to make money and increase market.

Here are some Guides to help you out : click here

When you go through it i am sure you’ll be more confident then now.



Impact Radius


impact radius


It is an another rapid growing Affiliate market place where you can make money.

Here you can sell products related to web application,fashion, and many more.

Now many of the big brands are moving their affiliate program to impact radius.

They are one of the earliest one to use finger print technique for sales and giving advantage to brands ans marketers too.







It’s a new market place so you might not be familiar with it.But there are so many great affiliate program .

Products related to business,entrepreneurship,web hosting,and many more.

It’s simple to join and that’s what i like about it.Interface for users is responsive and easy to use.

The minimum pay out is $50  through PayPal


Join GrowSumo now.





Click bank is a renowned place for affiliated programs.

If you don’t know about go and create account right now.You will surely find some good programs.

For more than last 4 or more years i am using it and still never ever got problem with payment and interface.






Shareasale has paid millions pf dollars to it’s affiliates as it was founded in 2000.

The interface is not yet that modern  but there is no problem in understanding it.

You can join it’s affiliate program  now but is generally take 2-3 days for approval.

To Join Click Here



The above was the list of top affiliate programs which you should join now.

You should join or start as early as possible as this industry has lot of potential and growing rapidly.

so go ahead and make money.

You can take help of SMM for betterment of your program

Mobile Search Engine Optimization Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Efforts

mobile seo

Search Engine Optimization is an trendy topic always on the web.

Google’s webmaster is in always fighting for traffic.

Greater the quality of content,more the audience you attract hence more chances of conversion,increase in rate of revenue and more ROI.

Blogging,content marketing,affiliated marketing,social media the challenge is  is same with with different strategies.

Today’s world of digital marketing mobile marketing is becoming huge day by day.

If  anyone of you are not paying attention to traffic generated with the help of mobile you my friend doing it wrong.

More and more people today are engaging in smartphone and social media.

And mobile is taking over the web or in other words the internet.

53% of users are from mobile 42% form desktop and 5% is from tablet.

So now lets talk about Mobile Search Engine Optimization MISTAKES…



Mistake 1 : Website And Pages Load Slowly And Lags


If your loading speed is slow then frustrate your audience and give an bad negative impact.

Your website should load within 5 seconds,otherwise its slow and will surely effect your ROI.


If your site take too long your visitors will leave before they see anything and effect your pocket.

And google itself do not give priorities to slow loading pages and websites.

Tips :



Mistake 2 : Snippets Are Not Wealthy



Those extra info  like star ratings are rich.

Snippets are not given much priorities while Search Engine Optimization

But spending a bit time with it is worth and really help in ranking.

Google give priorities to snippets and reward these extra information.

WordPress has snippet plugins which are very helpful.



Mistake 3 Lack Of Creativity And Responsiveness In Design


“A responsive design simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device.

So,google like you site if it’s responsive and if you don’t have responsive design you might miss to ranked top.

You will loose traffic due to lack of creativity too.

If your content is not managed properly and not easy to excess might lead to decrease in customers.

But on the other hand if you’re site is organised properly,east to excess and do not have lags or unnecessary  designs you might have an extra advantage in rankings.



Mistake 4  Multimedia Problems


To make your site and blogs attractive multimedia is the best option but sometimes over usage and note analyzing the storage creates the problem.

Problems  occurs when audience suddenly view a video on an unsupported platform.

Solution for this is google advice.

Make sure your video is supported on mobile as well as desktop for better results.





Mobile marketing is a good way to increase traffic and generate revenue but for that it should be done with a plan and proper analytics.

Have responsive website

Use rich plugins

Post frequently

Use tips in the article to get improvement in rankings and traffic.


What things do you do to improve your mobile SEO? What are your suggestions.

Let me hear you in the comment section below.


How To Increase Instagram Followers : For Beginners


In this blog post we will cover some of the current techniques to increase followers on Instagram.

How many users of Instagram

  • Around 32% of internet users use Instagram.
  • And majority of them are in age group of 18 to 29.


Analyze your audience

First ask these to yourself

                                         Age group of audience

                                          Location of the audience



when you look and answer all the question it will be easy for you to find and create content.


Identify Hashtags


For instagram its (hashtag) the root.There are different types of hashtag one is good other is bad.

Bad ones are like : #like4like, #followforfollow, etc…

Good hashtags analyse qualities of product.

Tips : Tag for location,Post.

Own hashtag line

Tag for brand as whole

Can be successful to increase your reach. Some are very popular like #TBT(throwbackthursday) , #mondaymotivation,etc…


Advertise with people and pages who have similar aim of audience

Identify and then collaborate with similar aimed companies for business revenue growth with an advantage of brand awareness too.

You promote for them and they promote for you and the chain benefits all.

It’s an amazing way to exchange the sets of users and audience.


Run contest on Instagram

People love contest,here you can give offers to few and on other hand ask them to tag few friends and like,follow the profile.

To keep in mind : Have a defined date and content.

Make it easy to participate

Keep contest vital


Create new content on regular basis 

For best and fast results follow what’s trending and post about it everyday or in regular intervals.

  • Use quotes as they are in trend for a long time. Example : “Hustle”, ”Never Ever Quit” and many more.


  • Posts video as video marketing is blooming day by day and have good engagement potential.


  •  Use your photography skills for making your profile look great.


  •  Give uneatable discounts and offers for brand awareness and growing revenue.


Free gifts for advertisement

Give promoters a free good for their work which will on other hand increase your popularity and may be revenue too.


Develop a group or team for handling

The tasks above are time consuming and need regular attention and updates.

You might need some people to to tasks fast .

video and photography is not a piece of cake and require a lot of creativity,you might need some mates to help you out.



  • Regular posts
  • Quality content
  • Patience after putting efforts
  • Use of Hashtags
  • Catch the trend


Use Of Content Marketing For E-commerce And Other Businesses

Great content  can help to increase your revenue.

Wondering how to make your customers feel the connection ?

It begins with all your content as said before content is the king.


Poor content , you’re about to fail 

You can boost your traffic with the help of content creation .


Around 70% of the customers will get an idea about your business form an article or an ad.

Only half of half or may be less traffic is returned in most of the cases.

But a study also shows that a customer visits up to 5  times .

content marketing  is a great  funnel strategy to connect customers who have visited your ecommerce store for the first time.


Sales Funnel


There are three basic stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

Each and every step or stage is different form each other.

It is very very important for you to create an content which is suitable for your audience.

In first stage (awareness) the customer is not ready to buy.

To built brand awareness or engaging with then can be done by content marketing.


Content marketing strategy looks like this

content marketing stratergy

It seems simple but its not like that,means its not a piece of cake.

The best way to earn a good revenue is to understand about potential customers.

Have a doubt?

we gonna clear it out.


It’s not an easy task to create an appropriate content

every single minute massive amount of content is created and published.

Facebook has 3.3 million posts in a minute  

what happens in sixty sec

To succeed you need a plan first.

Determine the topics and learn how to put them on.

How to develop ideas

  • Ask your customers what they like to know more about
  • Hang out with business related groups or start your own
  • Read books available on this topic
  • Listen to podcasts
  • YouTube videos are also helpful most of the times.

So a study shows that

  • Getting the word out
  • Bring the value of entertainment
  • A sense of fulfilment
  • To grow and nourish personal relationship

are the following reasons for share of your content by people.

They generally

  • Tag other people
  • Share something
  • Share their opinions and involve themselves in a debatable issue.
  • Trending topics of celebs and news are more likely to be clicked.

content creators


Some analytics by buzzsumo


Forms of creating  :

  • Blogs/Article
  • Ads
  • E-books
  • Podcasts
  • Some offline creation
  • Videos

You know what more than 70% of data by 2020 will be used in video streaming.

Viral videos is an incredible way to build traffic.



Be sure that you are reaching a huge audience

By :  Directly on your e-commerce

Through social media

Through bulk sms/mail

The return of investment more often known as ROI  by mails is more than 3,500%

For e-commerce on shopify- email button makes it simple.

Some of the additional ideas maybe.


Newsletter,Campaigns,Discount offers,Cart reminder.

Email marketing very much more effective than FB ads.

There is only 10% reach but email has almost 100%.


Facebook live statics

fb live stats

If done properly and with a proper plan it can be very effective.


Crisp should be always there in your content

In an research companies which publish 16 or more blogs on monthly basis receive 3-4x more traffic than less active companies.


inbound traffic

The company size doesn’t matter.More you post the more traffic you earn.


Impact of Monthly blog posts


blog posts

Still great strategy for building traffic the above is the proof is you were in doubt.

Impact of Total Blog Posts on inbound traffic by Size of the company


inbound traffic by company size

More traffic means more leads.


Retargeting is essential


Retargeting is  very essential for more information click here



So whats the Top Secret Cross Selling Formula ?


wanna create urgency use these tips

  • Limited period offer
  • Limited edition
  • Going quick

There are number of tactics of increasing sales,there is an advance guide for helping you.



High quality content to boost your traffic

Atleast 16 posts per month

Have a  amazing strategy

Social share and retweets also help

Email marketing is considered one of the best way to reach audience

These all steps and stats will surely help you to generate more revenue.




Social Media Marketing (SMM) – For Your Business

social media marketing

You all might be familiar with the view and approach Social Media marketing.


And if you belong to B2B spot,you might be distrustful how Social Media Marketing is helpful for you.


If you are recently in ambiguity to reach and market your ideal clients on social media,then this blog post should help you out through Social Media Marketing.


And till the end of this blog you’ll be aware of the reach and power of social media marketing.


Here we are going to know how it exactly works and how to make most out of it.

Let’s go!


An critical point-Business to Business

SMM is considered powerful,because it gives you the chance to hook with people.

And you should make most of it to make your network wide,connect via campaign.

If you are in a B2B sector SM personal interactions will get you better results.

The top ten SM channels in the world.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Linkdin
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • VK

It is one of the fastest way to reach your targeted audience.


Go clear on who your audience is 

you need to know about it if you want fortune with social media marketing or digital marketing.

Identification of dealing between small and large business is very important.

When you are clear that who your customer is you’ll be able to make most out of it.


The buyers journeybuyers journey


Decide on your goals 

after deciding the targeted audience,further you must also be clear on what your media campaign aims are.

It’s not only about ‘Likes’ or ‘Retweets’.Most of us fall in rattrap of likes or retweets.

There are many businesses who have fallen into it and have been in a huge loss.

So this is a main reason for some to step out of social media and digital marketing.

Here is the numbers showing belief and disbelief on social media.

smm percentage

It is also believed by some that SM does not give positive return on investment.

Yes and it’s obvious that everyone will invest on group which generates significant ROI on social media.

the main Goals which help you to get most out of it is

  • Brand Awareness
  • Conversions

If you work in brand awareness you cannot expect revenue.

you should be more concern about shares,retweets,likes etc…

But if you work on conversions you should move ahead for return.

But this all will happen if you are consistent and your content is at peak.

Because content is the king.

For this type of aim we should focus on website visits,clicks.


The value of goodwill

The best way to do it is by interacting and meeting people with the help of social media.

It generates trust and strengthens relation between you and customer.


Your approach should be decided and how to do it?

The content is the king  it majorly depends on it.

For top performing teams producing content is very important for them.

content is king

Sometimes videos,vlogs,blogs may be a source of success if your main focus is brand awareness .



You know who to reach and how to reach.

Strategy of SMM helps you to achieve your target.

There are two ways organically or paid traffic

To expand your presence paid part is used in the form of ads,campaign.

Sponsered ads are also good to generate traffic.

Analyse all this by using google analytics

Linkdin is in tremendus use now a days  it helps in detailed targetting and making more conversions.

Targeting options



To be successful in SMM you need to break it down into simple steps.

To achive most of it you need to decide your goal first.

You should be keep in touch with your audience.

Focus your efforts on strategy building and generating goodwill.