Plugins For E-commerce

You should use E-commerce plugins as an advantage.

E-commerce is on boom nowadays and people all over the world have started buying stuff online.

Choosing the right eCommerce plugin is crucial for your business.

Better the stuff and website better results.

WordPress eCommerce plugins for 2018 are:




It is the most popular plugin in the market for building an e-commerce on a platform like WordPress.

A large number of add-ons and themes are available for WooCommerce.


Some of the hosting companies have created Woocommerce hosting solutions for us.

Extensions and Themes are easily available so no issues with that.


Easy Digital Downloads

It helps to sell software.

Is very easy to use.

We have used Easy Digital Downloads with great success, not only on client sites but also on a few of our own projects.



It is said by some developers that this helps them as it separates tables in the database.

This plugin supports physical, digital, and virtual product types.

Pays special attention to security and safety which is a crucial factor.


There is another platform to built your e-commerce site on i.e Shopify.

It is the fastest growing e-commerce platforms.

It is very convenient and it works on a monthly basis payment method.

Why use Shopify?

1.Hosting Solution


2. Multiple Language Support.


3. Many professional themes

As per “The first impression is the last impression”

The first thing that comes up is the design or look and feel of the store.

Here you get most of the themes designed by the professionals for free.

  • Narrative
  • Debut
  • Jumpstart
  • Brooklyn
  • Boundless
  • and many more


4. Many payment gateway options

It supports all these well-known payment gateways

Credit & Debit Cards

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Net Banking


Bank Transfer




  • Worldpay
  • Sage Pay
  • Paypal
  • Realex
  • PaymentSense

and more are supported here.


5. Integration with drop shippers


6. 24/7 support


7. Gift cards


8. 14 day trial for free




so this was it for today.

Hope you liked it.


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