Pubg Mobile New Map: Vikendi (Snowmap)

Vikendi (Snowmap):

Pubg Mobile New Map is now available on Android and iOS.

Many were waiting for this update for a long time,

this update comes with 6km x 6km area with snowmobiles.

Tencent recently has hit over 200 million downloads and with over 30+

million daily active users.

This is one of the biggest updates till the date of PlayerUnknown’s Battle.

The map download size is 134.2 MB on both the operating systems

Android and iOS, The total download size is 1.7 GB.

There are now four maps including Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok and Vikendi.

Location is Adriatic Sea, Theme is snowforest

Terrain: Snow, Mountains, Sea.

Platforms: PC, Xbox one, PS4, Mobile.

Pubg new map


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