Samsung Exposed its new Smartphone

Samsung leaks:

Samsung is still not using that notch design

like other manufacturers.

Those notches are okay for some but not acceptable for many.

Even those water drop notches are no used by Samsung

in their devices.

You can see that Samsung is still following that rectangle design.

So can Samsung be the first one to build a bezel less phone,

Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex have a motorized system and people

are afraid of using them.

But if all the items can be gone under the screen or if we can

get some solution of it it will be a lot better choice.

And according to some sources, Samsung might do it before other companies.

Ice Universe leaked some of the important news on it.

Where he told about a few new things that will or might come with new galaxy devices.


1. FoD, that is, the fingerprint technology under the screen.

2. UPS, under-screen sensor (including camera) technology.

3.HoD, the touch-sensitive touch-sensitive technology.

4.SoD, screen sound technology.



This photo and some information is leaked by Ice Universe

While other manufacturers have adopted the notch

Samsung is waiting and watching that might be due to this future technology

They create displays for iPhones, Google and they are the right ones in my opinion

to be the first one,

So we may have a notch less future!!!



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