Samsung Folding Smartphone

Samsung Folding Smartphone:  Samsung is one of the largest companies in the

technological market.

And it is maybe the only large scale company  to reject or

do not accept the notch design not even water drop notch design.

Samsung is one of those rare companies who believe in innovation rather than just copying.

So a news is in the market about folding phones.

The news is in for a while and many manufacturers are working on it,

but as per some sources, Samsung might be the first one to launch

a folding phone and as well as a full bezel less phone.

Yes, a bezel less phone to read more about it here on our blog.


Samsung Folding phone


This is Galaxy F as per the latest news.

There was a video by Samsung in 2014  showing the idea of the folding smartphone.

It is making people more curious as Samsung is the display manufacturer

to iPhones, Pixel and there is no doubt that Samsung cannot be the first one.

Since we see every day the tech advancement in displays like folding OLED displays.

Samsung CEO has told that it will be there this year in November at the developer conference.



So what do you think about it?




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