Social Media Marketing (SMM) – For Your Business

social media marketing

You all might be familiar with the view and approach Social Media marketing.


And if you belong to B2B spot,you might be distrustful how Social Media Marketing is helpful for you.


If you are recently in ambiguity to reach and market your ideal clients on social media,then this blog post should help you out through Social Media Marketing.


And till the end of this blog you’ll be aware of the reach and power of social media marketing.


Here we are going to know how it exactly works and how to make most out of it.

Let’s go!


An critical point-Business to Business

SMM is considered powerful,because it gives you the chance to hook with people.

And you should make most of it to make your network wide,connect via campaign.

If you are in a B2B sector SM personal interactions will get you better results.

The top ten SM channels in the world.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Linkdin
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • VK

It is one of the fastest way to reach your targeted audience.


Go clear on who your audience is 

you need to know about it if you want fortune with social media marketing or digital marketing.

Identification of dealing between small and large business is very important.

When you are clear that who your customer is you’ll be able to make most out of it.


The buyers journeybuyers journey


Decide on your goals 

after deciding the targeted audience,further you must also be clear on what your media campaign aims are.

It’s not only about ‘Likes’ or ‘Retweets’.Most of us fall in rattrap of likes or retweets.

There are many businesses who have fallen into it and have been in a huge loss.

So this is a main reason for some to step out of social media and digital marketing.

Here is the numbers showing belief and disbelief on social media.

smm percentage

It is also believed by some that SM does not give positive return on investment.

Yes and it’s obvious that everyone will invest on group which generates significant ROI on social media.

the main Goals which help you to get most out of it is

  • Brand Awareness
  • Conversions

If you work in brand awareness you cannot expect revenue.

you should be more concern about shares,retweets,likes etc…

But if you work on conversions you should move ahead for return.

But this all will happen if you are consistent and your content is at peak.

Because content is the king.

For this type of aim we should focus on website visits,clicks.


The value of goodwill

The best way to do it is by interacting and meeting people with the help of social media.

It generates trust and strengthens relation between you and customer.


Your approach should be decided and how to do it?

The content is the king  it majorly depends on it.

For top performing teams producing content is very important for them.

content is king

Sometimes videos,vlogs,blogs may be a source of success if your main focus is brand awareness .



You know who to reach and how to reach.

Strategy of SMM helps you to achieve your target.

There are two ways organically or paid traffic

To expand your presence paid part is used in the form of ads,campaign.

Sponsered ads are also good to generate traffic.

Analyse all this by using google analytics

Linkdin is in tremendus use now a days  it helps in detailed targetting and making more conversions.

Targeting options



To be successful in SMM you need to break it down into simple steps.

To achive most of it you need to decide your goal first.

You should be keep in touch with your audience.

Focus your efforts on strategy building and generating goodwill.




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