Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business And Reputation

Social Media Mistakes

To boost reach, leads, traffic, generate revenue social media is one of the best platforms. But if not used properly it can ruin your business.

It has so much potential and it’s very important to make most out of it.

So let’s start…


Not Giving Attention To Negative Feedback




Negative’s are common and they are very important and should be taken seriously.

Here it’s you’re chance to get better and make your customers happy by listening to your flaws and working on them.

Most of the brands delete their negative comment instead of avoiding you should use them as opportunities to shape your business.

And yes giving attention doesn’t mean working on stupid ideas you have to figure out on what you have to work to save time and money.



Posting Too Much On One Go

It can be irritating and very boring to see someone posting too much and all the posts you see on your timeline is of one single person or business.

You should be posting regularly but after a decided interval, if not you are likely to be unfollowed and that’s not good for your business and reputation.

Maintain a calendar and post 2-3 post on one platform a day.

Keep an eye on results and change plan according to it.


Using Irrelevant Hashtags




One of the most common mistake is using irrelevant hashtags. If there is no relation between content and hashtags you’ll gonna pay for it.

Using irrelevant ones will surely not get you desired results and revenue.

Hagtags are very very  effective in engaging people and creating brand awareness.

For help look up different other sites and try to use those hashtags if they are relevant to your content.


Working On Too Many Social Networks At Once





Use one or two platforms in one go. Instead of all of them try  to focus on few and analyse the result.

Change plans according to results and be updated.

Once you build yourself a brand it will be a lot easier.



Using the above tips will surely help out you’re business.

Do it in a wise manner and listen to your customer’s feedback.

Treat all the customers same and keep a good relation with them


So that’s it for now, good luck.



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