Tips For E-commerce Development

Keeping an eye on E-commerce Development is necessary.

The goal of every eCommerce website is simple: to do more and more sales.

So your website should have what drive sales.

1. Responsive Design

More than 39% of online shoppers make a purchase on their mobile.

So you should make sure that you should optimize it properly.

Make sure that your navigation, images, text, and whitespace are all optimized for your mobile users.



2. Promotion Bar

Do a little bit extra to your business.

Use your offers like 25% off at the top.

These little things are the bonus.

This also helps in SEO.


when bot comes to your website it gives him an indication that some event is going on.

It will not take you from 7th to 1st page but will surely help you.


3. Search Bar 

Yes I know nobody forgets it now but some small site still dos not have them.

Even if you have a few products you should have it.

It is very convenient for the audience using your website.


4. Live Chat  Support

Live chat option is a must now.

Customers don’t want to wait hours on hold or for a response to their email, they want answers now.

They can quickly get the help they need.


5. Use high-resolution images


Everybody wants to see what they are buying.

High-res photos of your products so they can zoom and view from a number of different angles for a complete picture of the product.


6. Use product video

This is a good strategy.

Creating videos for your product pages encourages conversions and purchases by showing users exactly how your product looks.


7. Product Descriptions

Description of your products is your opportunity to sell a product to the customer.


Product information and specs, writing unique descriptions for your product pages can help improve the SEO.


8. Shipping and Return details

Making sure users are aware of available delivery options and shipping costs


9. Email newsletter signup

This help you to connect to your audience who has visited your website.

And you can also give them an email reminder of latest offers and deals.



So that’s it for today.

Comment your thoughts below…

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