Tools that Help You To Run More Profitable Ad Campaigns

So many of us spend a lot of money on ads each day.

Here are some of the tools that will help you in increasing your productivity.



If the design was your problem, here is the solution.

Yes, you can open photoshop and flow your creativity there but it’ll take time.

But an easier and simple solution is there.

Canva is the platform which helps you to do that in few minutes.

All types of templates, brochure, card are pre designed there just go change content and then post.

So no more hours wasted spent adjusting layers, filters, type. Point, click, and you are ready to go.




You cannot afford a stupid grammar mistake on your ad campaign.

And here Grammarly plays an important role, they have chrome extension too which help you all the time.

Or if you just wanna check mistakes on your article copy and paste into their tool and check.



Facebook Ads Gallery

You need to refine, test and do some other stuff based on previous results.


facebook ads gallery


Facebook ads gallery can help you shortcut the testing process by displaying different ad from big advertisers.




For example, you have twenty campaigns with twenty different keywords.

Means you need twenty landing pages, too!

Unbounce can help you to create custom landing pages.

Here is the shot

In this way, you can reduce your workload from 20 different pages to one template. Then you just customize the text on the single template.



So many of us spend tons of budget on advertising.

And it can be tricky because you don’t know what’s going to work or what not.

SEMrush can help you to prevent such mistakes and might help you to save a lot of budget.





You should go and check them.

SEMrush also provides you with competitive insight.



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