How to use Bitcoin to pay on amazon

How to use Bitcoin to pay on Amazon?

A bit strange for some of you but yes

it is possible.

There are tons of people who have asked me about

how to use bitcoins.

So today I’ll provide you a small tutorial so

that you can use your bitcoin to buy from Amazon.

You can buy Bitcoins from  BitbNS if you don’t have them yet. will help you in doing that.

You can even get an additional discount by using this

that’s interesting 🙂

You can even exchange gift cards for bitcoins.

First, create your account on Purse.

Verify it with the acceptable platform like Facebook or google plus

to get an additional discount.


Log in to your account on Purse.

Click to “Name your discount”

Go to Amazon product page and click on “Add to Wish List”

Create the wishlist of the items you wanna buy.

Got to (top right) > “Your Wish List”  to access list.


Click on List settings


and then on view details after finding the correct list.

Then fill all the necessary details according to you.

And then save changes.

Then go to Your wishlist and click on share.



go back to and paste the link into the search bar

and enter.

Use the slider for a discount and Place Order.



The next page will show a QR code,

or you can copy down the Bitcoin address and transfer the funds there.

And after doing that you have successfully placed the order.


It might take a few hours to show confirmation of the order depending on your counter.



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