Ways To Promote YouTube Videos And Generate More Traffic

Do you have a youtube channel?

It doesn’t matter how much time you give in creating and editing content what matters the most is marketing and promoting your videos.


I am going to share some proven ways and strategies to promote and generate traffic to your youtube channel.


Number 1: Title of the video

It’s the number one thing.

You should do proper keywords research because most of it depends on title.

It’s the way it’s going to searched or shared.

Here are some tips :

  • Make sure that they are attention grabbing
  • Keep them to the point
  • Do not write too long titles
  • The use of power as well as trigger words may help
  • https://headlinecapitalization.com/ may help you out


Number 2: Selection of Thumbnail

A good thumbnail may help you to stand out from the ordinary crowd.

I will suggest to use a custom thumbnail to make it attractive and different.

It should be 1280 x 720 (min. width of 640 pixels)

Keep is as compressed as possible max is 2 mb

Keep it in.JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.


Number 3: Make the of The YouTube’s Creator Academy


You should never do like most of the creators like not focusing on learning and just posting.

YouTube is a great platform to show your creativity and generate revenue.

Creator academy by youtube

is very good to learn some pro tips for making most out of it.


Number 4: Blog for a channel is also consider a good way

You should not miss out on creating a blog for your videos or channel.

If you are a WordPress user then you must use plugins like Yoast SEO to write and improve.

Tumblr, Medium, Blogspot are some platforms if you are not using  wordpress.


Number 5: Keep Focus on Branding

  • The intro should be a 3-5 second clip at the beginning.
  • Video links at last are must in today’s world.
  • Desing a unique logo for your channel.


Number 6: Use Social Media For promotions 

  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Google Plus Page
  • Instagram Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • And many more

Social media is the best platform for you to promote yourself.

Always share your video after a regular interval with the best content you can give.

While sharing using hashtags is a good way to increase engagement.


Number 7: Video Tags

Video tags  they are very important and so many of the creators miss out on it.

It is one of the best organic way to generate traffic


Youtube tags

YouTube video tags are important for the organic ranking of videos.



These some of the tips will surely help you.

Some simple strategies can make huge differences.

Let me know how do you promote your videos.

comment below…

Share these with your friends and thankyou for staying up till here.

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