Wordfence Plugin

Wordfence plugin is one of the most or the most popular

WordPress firewall and security scanner.

It is a very important plugin and we must use that.

The plugin Wordfence protects our website and with new firewall rules

malware signatures and malicious IP addresses are also armed by it.

Wordfence Link Here


There are both free and premium versions.

Free Version Gives you there following options:

Set one-click security level

Firewall rules

Live traffic view

Virus scanner

Email alerts

Login security features

Avoid DDoS attacks.

Additional WordPress security options


You can directly download then install and activate the plugin

directly from the WordPress dashboard.

You will get an API key then go to Wordfence and then into Wordfence settings and

add the API key.




94,419,920   DOWNLOADS TO DATE
4.8 out of  RATING
Most downloaded security plugin

Product Support

For both Free and Premium: http://www.wordfence.com/help/

Premium customers can open  here: https://support.wordfence.com

Free customers that need product support can post to the WordPress forums here: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wordfence




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