One click WordPress Installation

One click WordPress Installation:

Manually installing WordPress is now old my friends,

as now it is way easier.

I am giving you an example of Hostgator and the instructions work same on all.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and an

easier way to install it was a must.



login to your c-panel.

In the software, section click on “Quick Install”



Now You have to click on “One Click Instals”

And then you will be directed to next page.

Here then select WordPress  icon

Complete the following details for further installation.

Blog title, Admin User, First name, Last name, Admin E-mail.

Blog Title, enter the name of the website.

Admin Username, your preferred username but make sure

you remember it always.

First and Last name.

Admin E-mail, here your admin password will be mailed,

so make sure it is an working E-mail address.


Check the box,  of terms and conditions.

Click the install button.


After all these Click details  for your

admin URL, password and Username.

And Bingo your installation is done.

Now you can begin working on your website.


Check your email for the WordPress username and password as well

as a link to your WordPress login page.


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