WordPress Plugins Which Will Improve You’re Blog

Choosing the appropriate WordPress Plugins for a blog is not an easy task.

Writing a top quality and unique content.

Promotion of your blogs on social media platforms and building links and awareness.

Reply to comments and messages from your readers and audience.

I can’t promise to fix every usability issue, but you’ll surely fix the most common problems.


NUMBER 1: Contact Form 7




Contact Form 7 is the one of the most popular free WordPress plugins.

With over 1 million+ active users/installs.

contact information is one of the key components for the trust of your brand/website.



NUMBER 2: Google Analytics


It is the most powerful and trustable analytical tool.

It is very very important to analyze your blogs and other content so that you can stand up in audience eyes.

Real time website traffic results or behavior can be viewed.


Google analytics plugin offers event tracking and performance details of every post/page on your website.



NUMBER 3: Smush.it

Optimization of the website is one of the most important things.

And trimming down the heavy images is necessary.

SEMUSH helps you in the reduction of size without affecting the image’s quality.

You can compress up to Fifty images at a time.

You can also set up automatic smush so that every image is resized and optimized as per your specifications.



NUMBER 4: Live Chat Support


This feature is seen on many of the websites.

And there is a strong reason for this.

Live Chat Support is the most effective ways to offer customer satisfaction is the live chat.

The customer’s problem or query can be resolved on the spot.

If you’re offline, you can also let your visitors leave a message.



NUMBER 5: P3 Profile


It shows a performance report for your website with relative numbers of how every plugin is affecting your website.

Using plugins too much might slow down you’re website or it may even crash.

Yes, it depends on coding but information is always useful.

The detailed timeline with information on every plugin.

Clear picture of what’s happening on your slow loading pages.





So that’s it for today.

Which is the most valuable plugin for you?

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