Xiaomi’s 48 MP Smartphone

Xiaomi 48 MP smartphone: Xiaomi is India’s biggest smartphone brand, and due to

its affordability and value for money this brand goes crazy in the market.

Recently news is running around of the 48 MP camera phone.

This is according to some sources to be unveiled on the 10th of January.


There is no official confirmation about specs of this upcoming device

named XiaomiMote Pro 2 (not yet confirmed).

It will give a neck to neck competition to phones like Huawei Mate 20,

and P20 Pro which also has 40 MP cameras.

Leaked Photo

Xiaomi 48 MP smartphone

As per the leaked picture, it has a shiny back with vertical alignment of cameras.

Very small notch too.

Let’s see what we get after official announcement: -)

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